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Earth Garden Kodawari Tennen Shiko Natural Ant Killing Shower 1000ml

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Even though natural ingredients are born, it works well. "Ari killing" shower type of series.

A shower type that kills ants' nests even though they do not use chemical insecticidal ingredients. It can be applied directly to ants for quick and effective control.

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Product variation

    • Shower type 1000 ml
  • Shower type 1000 ml

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Kodawari Tennen Shiko Natural Ant Killing Shower 1000ml
Amount 1000 ml
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Pelargonic acid, Lauric acid

Type of Pests

Ants such as black ants and red ants


Chemical Insecticide free

Second-speed knockdown

※ In the case of Kuroyama ant. In-house experiments in 2018.

Water-based type that can be used on the lawn

※ Pharmaceutical damage may occur depending on environmental conditions (high temperature, dryness, etc.).

Mechanism that works in the nest

  • Scatter a lot into the burrows
  • Active ingredients spread in the nest and ants hate
  • Get out of the nest and run away
  • Ant disappears from the nest

※ The effect of this drug gradually appears, and the appearance of ants disappears after 2-3 days of spraying.

How to Use

  • Open the red cap lid.
  • Tilt the bottle and spread while pressing the side of the bottle.

Extinguish the nest

Please spray plenty directly towards the nest of ants.

Sprinkle the bottle for about 8 seconds


Please spray plenty of ants directly.

Main place of use

Flower circle, flower pot, planter, nest hole, nest, above fallen leaves

Instruction Video(Japanese Only)

Usage Notes


  • Be sure to read and understand the product label before use.
  • Please follow the prescribed usage.
  • Because it is not a pesticide, please do not use it for the purpose of plant protection.
  • If you use it on grass, it may cause chemical damage due to environmental conditions (high temperature, dryness etc.), so try it in a place that is not noticeable before using it.
  • Avoid abuse to avoid polluting the environment.
  • Since the effect decreases if it gets wet after raining, please spread it again.
  • Depending on the size and position of the burrow, the type of ant and other conditions of use, the effect may not be sufficient.
  • Do not use indoors.
  • Be careful not to cover cars, gates, shutters, other painted surfaces, marble, garden stones, etc. as it may cause discoloration or stains.
  • Depending on the material, the ingredients in it may remain white. In that case, please remove by washing with water or brushing.
  • People with a constitution that is prone to cause allergies, rashes, etc., or people with asthma symptoms should be careful not to inhale or touch the drug.
  • Please be careful not to drink accidentally.
  • If the drug gets on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap. Also, if it gets in your eyes, rinse it out with water immediately.
  • Make sure that the drug does not affect skin, food, dishes, children's toys, ornamental fish, pets such as birds, feed, plants other than grass, and edible plants.
  • Please do not smoke, eat or drink while spraying.
  • If you have any problems with your body, please bring this product immediately and seek medical attention from a doctor.

【Notes on storage】

  • After use, close the lid, distinguish between food and feed, please keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not replace the remaining drug in another container.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool, dry place.
  • If stored at low temperatures, the ingredients may precipitate, so add warm water to dissolve it before use.

[Precautions on disposal]

  • Please discard empty containers after use as plastic waste according to the method of each local government.

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