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"Bottle is on top" The scent continues with zero liquid remaining

Why does the scent continue?

"Bottle is on top" The scent continues with zero liquid remaining

Why does the scent continue?

Sucky! How it works

General suction type air freshener

It is necessary to suck up the liquid containing the scent component from the bottom to the top. In addition, some scent components are difficult to absorb, so as the amount of liquid decreases, it becomes difficult for the scent components to rise, and the liquid may remain.


In "Bottle is on top", the liquid containing the scent component just drops from top to bottom, so the scent does not change until the end without shaking, and it does not weaken.

With zero liquid remaining
The scent continues


REGULAR-The room is refreshing!
REGULAR-Toilet refreshing!

Rich parfum

Premium Rich ParfumCommitment to fragrance

Sukkiri! The most fragrant ever

Rich in fragrance and scent diffusing ingredients
Sukkiri! The most fragrant aroma-rich type ever.
The bottle's top position allows the deep perfume-like fragrance to spread in an extraordinarily luxurious way.

Romance pink

A lovely pink floral vanilla scent that makes you feel enchanted with the image of a high-class perfume.

Innocent White

An elegant white floral musk scent that is reminiscent of high-class perfumes and is soothing.

PREMIUM --Smooth room!
PREMIUM-Toilet refreshing!

Premium collection

Of the premium collectionCommitment to fragrance

Analyzing the scent collected from living flowers (fruits) that are particular about the variety,
Contains a special scent component that has been reproduced.

For example, even if the rose is a rose ...

Damask rose

It has an elegant and rich sweet scent, and is said to be the queen of roses because of its good fragrance.

A higher-grade fresh scent that is particular about the real thing
PREMIUM --Smooth room!
PREMIUM-Toilet refreshing!

I think it has a very calming and relaxing scent. It was my favorite scent ♡♡ The series has a wide range of scents and has a long lasting power, so it is the most used fragrance at home.

Room No. 347443

A nice scent that smells a little at the entrance ♡ It's nice to have a nice scent at the entrance 😁 This is because the fragrance part is on the top so you can use it until the end! Why isn't this made from the beginning? I used to use the fragrance type normally underneath, but I'm sure this one will continue to smell! ??

Room No. 2152568

Even in the middle of the living room, the simple bottle design doesn't make you feel like you're living ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )♡ Appearance is also important if you put it in your room ♫

Room No. 542370

Simple appearance 🌼 Gentle scent of flowers 🌼 I like the scent that is not too sweet.
After setting it up, go out for about 3 hours, come back and open the toilet door, it will be fluffy ♪
I was wondering what I should do if the toilet is small and the scent is too strong and heavy (← what kind of laughter), but it wasn't like that at all!
Even my husband, who is sensitive to smells, has a good impression, saying, "That's nice, it's kind." What's more, this scent seems to last steadily until the end, so I'm very happy ✨
What's more, it's not just an air freshener that smells, but it also deodorizes, which is nice. Even if you do, the smell of the toilet will be worrisome, so this will give you a sense of security 🍀

Room No. 3164457

The beautiful blue color makes a monotone bathroom look fresh and new. And now that I've removed the labels, it looks so much nicer!
I left it in for about a minute, opened the bathroom door, and the scent was wafting out. I guess because the bottle is on top, the liquid soaks right in and smells! The scent is a nice fresh floral soap scent, not too assertive, but not weak either.

Room No. 4142331
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