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Sucky! How it works

General suction type air freshener

It is necessary to suck up the liquid containing the scent component from the bottom to the top. In addition, some scent components are difficult to absorb, so as the amount of liquid decreases, it becomes difficult for the scent components to rise, and the liquid may remain.


In "Bottle is on top", the liquid containing the scent component just drops from top to bottom, so the scent does not change until the end without shaking, and it does not weaken.

With zero liquid remaining
The scent continues


REGULAR-The room is refreshing!
REGULAR-Toilet refreshing!

Premium collection

Of the premium collectionCommitment to fragrance

Analyzing the scent collected from living flowers (fruits) that are particular about the variety,
Contains a special scent component that has been reproduced.

For example, even if the rose is a rose ...

Damask rose

It has an elegant and rich sweet scent, and is said to be the queen of roses because of its good fragrance.

Tea rose

It has an elegant and refreshing scent that makes you feel black tea, and is known as a fragrant rose.

A higher-grade fresh scent that is particular about the real thing
PREMIUM --Smooth room!
PREMIUM-Toilet refreshing!

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