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Bath Roman Yakusen Bath Powder Massaging Spring

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You can feel the healing feeling at home, plenty of hot spring minerals Bath Products.


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Product Details

Product Name Bath Roman Yakusen Bath Powder Massaging Spring
Amount 600g (approx. 20 times) *When using 30g
*Since there is space, the content is as shown because it is automatically metered and filled.
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients [Crude drug (Active ingredient)] Japanese Angelica Root extract powder, [Hot spring components (Active ingredients)] Dried sodium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate
component 酸化Ti、無水ケイ酸、グリシン、カモミラエキス-1、ジオウエキス、ポリアクリル酸Na、ポリアクリル酸、エタノール、乾燥硫酸Na、サリチル酸、ステアリン酸PEG、POE(300)POP(55)、ベントナイト、石けん用素地、BG、ケイ酸Ca、香料、青1
Effect / effect Shoulder stiffness, backache, fatigue recovery, cold recovery, neuralgia, rheumatism, rheumatism, hemorrhage, roughness, heat build-up, skin sore, acne, cracking, moxibustion, burnout, ecstasy, eczema, postpartum coldness
Others FSC C081641
Environmentally friendly container: Approximately 77% of recycled pulp is used (paper part of the container body)


90% or more active ingredients! Proprietary combination of "Kakuyaku" and "hot spring ingredients"


→ Enhances the effect of warm bathing and works on stiff shoulders and back pain!

[Moisturizing ingredient] mixed with ground yellow (Geow) extract

  • Chlorine removal ingredient combination that softens the feeling of irritating hot water
  • Allergy tested

    (Not all people are not allergic.)

  • It can also be used when bathing with a baby (more than 3 months old).

【】 The smell of medicinal herbs
【Hot water color】 Milky blue water

How to Use


Please open from the corner of the cap. (It is possible from any of four places.)

■ Recommended bathing method ■

In order to relieve stiff neck and backache, it is recommended that you take about 15 minutes in warm water (38 to 40 ° C) and loose shoulders.

Usage Notes

Please be aware that the tub and washroom will be slippery.

  • Do not use for uses other than bathing.
  • If skin or physical condition is abnormal, consult with a doctor or pharmacist before use.
  • Discontinue use and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you notice irritation or other abnormalities such as rash, redness, itching, or irritation on the skin during or after use.
  • Discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist if abnormalities such as hives or shortness of breath appear during use. In particular, people with allergies or those who have experienced hypersensitivity symptoms such as rashes with drugs should be used with caution.
  • I can not eat this product. If a large amount is swallowed, take measures such as drinking water.
  • There is no sulfur in the bath and the bath pot in this product.

[Giri type Bath Products about 】

  • Use the full automatic water heater or the filter for 24 hours, as filters may get clogged, so check the instructions for your model.
  • After use, the filter inside the bath pot or the circulation hole may become white, so wash it thoroughly. (A part of the white turbidity component is attached to the hot water inside the bath pot, etc., and it may come out of the circulation hole into the bathtub.
  • If the remaining hot water is kept in the bath for a long time, the bottom may become rough or the area around the bath may become white, but it becomes clean when it is rinsed.

【Cautions on storage】

  • Keep the cap tightly closed and do not place it in a place where children can reach and where it is hot and humid.

【About the use of remaining hot water】

  • Leftover water can be used for laundry, but fresh water should be used for rinsing and softening. Do not use it for soaking, washing freshly-unloaded clothes, or when washing clothes with detergent for dressy clothes. It may stain the clothes.     
  • Do not pour remaining hot water on plants, as this may have an impact.

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