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Iyana Mushi ZEROdeKNIGHT One Push Spray for 60 times use

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It works for one year (*) once! Just push it into the space to keep the whole house exterminating effect.

Formulated with the world's first new active active ingredient, once used, it will last for a year without pests. (*) Easy 1-push spray that does not require advance preparation or cleaning. < Limited Edition quantity. >

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Product variation

    • 60 times
  • 60 times

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Iyana Mushi ZEROdeKNIGHT One Push Spray for 60 times use
Amount 75 mL
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Broflanilide
Duration of effect About one year
Others Tenebenal (generic name: Broflanilide) is a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Agro Co., Ltd.

Type of Pests

More than 50 species such as centipede, spider fly, butterfly fly, ant, spider, chatate beetle, beetle, skin beetle, chironomid, millipede, gejigeji, woodlouse, moth, bark beetle, konanagasinkui (please check the feature list for details)


Just push! Keeping the effect of exterminating the whole house

  • Thorough care once a year. You can use it easily at any time without any preparation or cleaning up.
  • With the active ingredient Tenebenal (generic name: Broflanilide), if you spray it in advance in the gap, the space will continue for one year (*) without pests.
  • Even pests that are difficult to work with conventional active ingredients (pyrethroids) can be eradicated.

* We have confirmed the extermination effect by forcibly contacting the treated surface after one year with insects. The duration of the effect varies depending on the usage environment and the type of pest.
* If the amount of chemicals decreases due to cleaning etc., the duration may be shortened. If you no longer feel the effect, take additional steps.

<What is the active ingredient Tenebenal? >

(Common name: Broflanilide)

·world's first!

New active active ingredient (action system: metadiamid system)

・ Attention here!

  • You can feel the continuation of the effect that you have never experienced. (Comparison with Earth Red)
  • It is also effective against pests for which conventional active ingredients (pyrethroids) do not work well.
  • It is safe for those who do not want to see the rampaging insects, as the pests will be exterminated to sleep without rampaging (*).
  • It is a highly safe ingredient for the human body and pets.

* Since the active ingredient gradually exerts its effect on pests, it may take some time to realize the effect.

[List of applicable pests]

Classification Species name
Abu Magari Chemshihiki
Ants Pristomyrmex ant, Tetramorium tsushimai, Black garden ant, Formica japonica, Tetramorium tsushimai
Tinea translucens, clothes moth Iga (adult, larva)
Bristletail Bristletail
Katsuobushimushi Varied carpet beetle (adult, larva)
Stink bug ヒメホシカメムシ、サジクヌギカメムシ、クサギカメムシ、ミナミアオカメムシ、ツヤアオカメムシ、チャバネアオカメムシ、ホソヘリカメムシ、イネカメムシ、ヘラクヌギカメムシ
Moth Spodoptera litura (adult), fall webworm (adult, larva), silk moth (adult), kisstaba (adult)
Bark beetle Bark beetle
Grasshopper Kubikirigirisu, Sasakiri, Sesujitsuyumushi
Spider Latrodectus mactans, common house spider, Uroctea compactillis, Neoscona nautica
Geji Geji Geji
Cricket Teleogryllus emma, teleogryllus emma, ornebius kanetaki
Scarab beetle Anomala albopilosa
Tenebrionidae Red flour beetle
シンクイムシ Konanagasinkui
Kobae Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila melanogaster, Psychodidae, Psychodidae
Garbage beetle Pheropsophus chinensis, Jujiroa anaperata, Latrodectus mactans
Shibanmushi Tobacco bug
Termites Yamato termite
Weevil Azuki bean weevil, rice weevil, rice weevil, maize weevil
Dung beetle Roly-poly
Chatterbug Hirata Chatate
Locust Trilophidia japonicum
Sawfly チュウレンジハバチ
Hiratamushi Oryzaephilus survivor
centipede Tobism Kade
Meiga Noshimedamameiga
Millipede Yakeyasude
Yusrika Chironomus
Coleoptera Coleoptera

How to Use

When using it for the first time, the amount will not be sufficient, so press it twice toward the outdoors before using it.

① Extermination by space injection

  • From near the center of the room, spray diagonally upward while changing the spray direction so that it spreads evenly throughout the room.
Room size Number of injections
1.5 tatami mats Once
4.5 tatami mats 3 times
6 tatami mats 4 times
9 tatami mats 6 times
12 tatami mats 8 times
  • Please close the windows and doors at the beginning of use.

② Keep the extermination effect by spraying the gap

  • Spray once into the gaps (refrigerator, back of shelves, etc.) where pests are likely to be lurking.

(1) (2) The effect lasts for one year when both are used. (The duration varies depending on the usage environment and the type of pest.)
* Since the active ingredient gradually exerts its effect on pests, it may take some time to realize the effect.

Usage Notes

Keep the mount so that you can read it as needed.
Caution-Do not use on the human body
Do not use upside down

  • Observe the prescribed usage.
  • Since it is not an insect repellent for the human body (applied repellent), it should not be used on the human body.
  • Do not inhale the drug.
  • People who are prone to allergies and rashes and those who have asthma symptoms do not touch or inhale the drug.
  • (1) Avoid contact with food and drink, tableware, feed toys, beds such as ornamental fish and small birds, and plants. In particular, do not use it in aquariums for ornamental fish and shrimp, or in rooms with insect breeding baskets.
  • Avoid contact with waxed surfaces, painted surfaces, plastics and leather products.
  • Do not concentrate on one place as it may cause stains.
  • When using it on walls, floors, doors, etc., there is a risk of discoloration and stains, so try it on an inconspicuous part before using it.
  • Do not let children use it.
  • Ventilate the room when using it in a closed room or a small room.
  • Do not block the injection port.
  • Do not spray upside down or sideways as it may not be possible to spray.
  • Be careful not to get the drug on your skin or eyes during spraying.
  • If the drug gets on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your body, immediately tell your doctor that this product contains a metadiamide drug and receive medical treatment.

【Notes on storage】

  • Avoid fire and direct sunlight, and keep in a cool place out of the reach of children.
  • To avoid rusting the can, do not place it in a wet or humid place.
  • Do not place heaters (fan heaters, etc.), around the heating source, or inside the car in the summer because the temperature may rise and there is a risk of explosion.

【Method of disposal】

  • Discard this product after using it up.
  • When throwing it away, degas it outdoors in a well-ventilated, fire-free environment by repeatedly pressing the button until the jet noise disappears so that it does not hit people downwind.
  • Dispose according to the method specified by each local government.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the contact point for any notice from Earth Corporation customers regarding how to dispose of a large amount of leftover cans.

[Beware of fire and high temperature]

As it is a flammable product using high pressure gas and dangerous, keep the following precautions.

  • Do not use near fire or fire.
  • Do not use it in a large amount in a room that uses fire.
  • Do not place the product in a place where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, such as in direct sunlight, near a stove, fan heater, etc., as there is a risk of explosion if the temperature is high.
  • Do not put in the fire.
  • Use up and throw it away.

High pressure gas: DME

No fires

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