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ONPO Botanical Carbonic Acid Bath Natural Floral 12pcs

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Contains 10 types of botanical moisturizing ingredients. Additive-free type that is gentle on the skin.

Additive-type carbonic acid that is gentle on the skin and natural fragrance Bath Products. Assorted four natural floral scents that can be played with bubbles. It is a colorless and transparent hot water color.

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Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name ONPO Botanical Carbonic Acid Bath Natural Floral 12pcs
Amount 12 tablets (4 types x 3 tablets)
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Sodium bicarbonate, Dried sodium sulfate, Sodium carbonate
component Succinic acid, dextrin, PEG6000, silicate Ca, chamomile extract-1 Roman chamomile extract, rosemary extract, wild rose extract, aloe extract-2, Yakuinin extract (barley extract), hypericum extract, linden extract, cypress extract, cornflower extract, Chlorella extract, liquid paraffin, BG, fragrance
Effect / effect Recovery from fatigue, heat, moisture, acne, cracks, tears, burns, roughness, squirts, tears, stiff neck, neuralgia, rheumatism, back pain, cold, sores, postpartum coldness


Recommended for sensitive skin

  • Skin allergy tested

    Not all people have allergies or skin irritation.

  • Stinging tested

    The sting test is a test to check the skin irritation and tingling during use.

Easy additive-free type

  • No synthetic coloring
  • Paraben free
  • Alcohol free

Carefully selected 10 types of botanical moisturizing ingredients

Chamomile extract, rosemary extract, wild rose extract, aloe extract, pearl barley extract, hypericum extract, linden extract, cypress extract, cornflower extract, chlorella extract

Four natural floral scents that can be played with bubbles

Natural fragrance with a focus on the material

● Geranium scent
[Containing geranium oil (in fragrance)]
Geranium fragrance that feels like a rose. Finished with an elegant scent that will make you feel elegant.

● Lavender scent
[Contains lavender oil (in fragrance)]
A lavender scent with a pleasant sweetness. Finished with a gentle scent that makes you feel calm.

● Rosemary fragrance
[Rosemary oil combination (in fragrance)]
The scent of rosemary that feels refreshing green. Finished with a refreshing scent that makes you feel refreshed.

● Neroli fragrance
[Containing neroli oil (in fragrance)]
The scent of neroli that feels faint bitterness in sweet floral. Finished with a deep scent that will calm you down.

Hot water color is colorless and transparent

How to Use

Put 1 tablet (45 g) of this product in 200 L of hot water in the bath and dissolve it before bathing.

  • During foaming, you may rarely cough. In that case, please ventilate.
  • Since the carbon dioxide dissolves in the hot water even if the bubbles disappear, the effect lasts long.
  • Bathing within 2 hours of melting is more effective.
  • Please use immediately after opening the bag.
  • You can also use it when taking a bath with your baby.
  • Bath Products You can also use hot water that has been melted for shampooing, but use clean water for rinsing.

Usage Notes

You can not eat this product.

  • This product and others Bath Products Do not use together. Each performance may be weakened.
  • Do not use for uses other than bathing.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Be careful of misphagy.
  • Do not place in a hot and humid place.
  • The surface color of the tablets may vary, but there is no problem in quality.

< About the body >

  • If skin or physical condition is abnormal, consult a doctor before use.
  • 使用中や使用後、皮膚に発疹、発赤、かゆみ、刺激感などの異常が現れた場合、使用を中止し医師に相談すること。特にアレルギー体質の人や、薬などで発疹などの過敏症状を経験したことがある人は十分注意して使用すること。
  • If swallowed, take measures such as drinking water.

< About the bathtub >

  • There is no sulfur contained in the bath or bath kettle.
  • Natural marble baths may lose surface gloss.
  • If you chase the hot water which melted this product, the dirt of the piping and the bath pot may come out very rarely.

< About use of remaining hot water >

  • The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but rinse with fresh water. However, do not use in the following cases. (Rinse, use with soft finish, set-up, wash freshly-washed clothes, wash with fashionable detergent)
  • Do not pour remaining hot water on plants, as this may have an impact.

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