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Earth Garden Lohapi 1000ml

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An insecticide fungicide that can be used on various vegetables, fruits and flowers as many as 99.9% of food ingredients until the day before harvest.

An insecticide fungicide made from 99.9% of food ingredients. It is recommended for those who want to take measures against pests even if they are safe. It is also effective against pests such as blue-tailed beetles, squirrels, and scabs.

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Product variation

    • 1000 ml
  • 1000 ml

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Lohapi 1000ml
Amount 1000 ml
Country of Origin Japan
component Glyceryl decanoate: 0.050% Water / surfactants: 99.95%
Others Type of pesticide: glyceryl caprate emulsion, [Properties] White emulsion liquid

Types of Pests and Plants

Crop name Applicable pest name
(Cauliflower, cabbage,
Excluding broccoli)
Spider mites
Powdery mildew
Spider mites
Green caterpillar
Powdery mildew
Immature corn Aphids
Mandarin orange アブラムシ類、ハダニ類
Apple Spider mites
Powdery mildew
Flowers and plants
(Except for roses)
Spider mites
Powdery mildew
Rose Aphids
Churange bee
Spider mites
Powdery mildew

[Time of use]

Early stage
There are no restrictions on the number of times this drug can be used or the total number of times a pesticide containing glyceryl caprate can be used.


Top in insecticide sterilization spray born from food ingredients

  • Rapid removal
  • It works for green caterpillars
  • Also works for rose scab

99.9% of food ingredients that are friendly to people and the environment

Can be used as many times as the day before harvest

How to Use

[Dispersion method]

  • By turning the cap on the tip of the spray, according to "SPRAY", you can spray widely.
  • According to "JET", it can jet to a distant place.
  • After use, please be sure to return to "OFF".

・ We can spray upside down.
・ It can be used as it is without dilution.

【how to use】

Spray as it is without dilution.

[Dilution ratio]

Undiluted solution

【Effective spreading method】

  • Insects: Spray plenty of insects.
  • Illness: Spray generously on both sides of leaves.

Insects are also hidden behind the leaves, so spray plenty on the front and back of the leaves.

Leaf lesions that have become ill once will not return.

Usage Notes

  • Read the label carefully.
  • Do not use except for the description.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

【Cautions for effects and drug damage】

  • Since this agent is not effective if the spray solution does not directly affect the pests, the drug is carefully sprayed so that the pests on the front and back of the leaf are evenly applied.
  • Since this drug has a short residual effect, it should be used for continuous spraying at intervals of 5 to 7 days or rotation with other drugs when pests are actively growing or jumping in from outside, such as during high temperatures in summer.
  • When used for flowering plants and foliage plants, the petals may be harmful to the petals depending on the variety, cultivation conditions, etc., so use before confirming that there is no effect. Be especially careful when spraying after the bud stage.
  • When using this drug for the first time in crops belonging to the applicable crop group or its new varieties, the user is responsible for confirming the presence or absence of phytotoxicity before use.

[Safety Precautions]

  • Do not inject toward people.
  • Be careful not to get into eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water (mild irritation).

【Notes on storage】

  • Keep tightly closed in a place that is out of the reach of children at low temperatures, out of direct sunlight.

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