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Earth Garden Ouchi no Kusa Korori Natural Weed Killer Refill 1.7l

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Food-friendly, all-friendly herbicide "Ouchi no Kusa Korori"Refill of".

A super fast-acting herbicide made from food ingredients (pelargonic acid) that begins to work immediately. Adopts an air hold pouch that is easy to hold and refill.

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Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Ouchi no Kusa Korori Natural Weed Killer Refill 1.7l
Amount 1700ml
Country of Origin Japan
component Pelargonic acid: 2.5% water, surfactant etc .: 97.5%
Duration of effect 1.5 months (200 ml / m2 spray. It varies according to the use environment.)
Others [Properties] Light yellow water soluble liquid


Herbicides made from food ingredients (pelargonic acid)

Wither in the fastest 5 minutes

Time to begin to wither. It depends on the plant.

Sustained effect for 1.5 months

200 ml / m2 spray. It depends on the usage environment.

It works against the seeds and does not germinate

It is the effect on the species to which the herbicide was applied.

Only the place where it hangs up

A slight herb smell that does not smell bad

Employs an air hold pouch that is easy to hold and pour

With pelargonic acid
It is one of the ingredients contained in food and it decomposes quickly in the soil, so its impact on the environment is small.
(Included in foods such as corn, tea and citrus.)

How to Use

How to refill

In the case of Jouro head

  • Hold the base of the jouro head and turn it counterclockwise to open the jouro head. (Because of the characteristics of the product, it is firmly tightened.)
  • Hold the bottom of the refill cap and turn it in the direction of the arrow to remove the cap.
  • Insert the refill spout into the mouth of Jouro Head and pour slowly so as not to foam.

In the case of spray type

  • Please remove the spray.
  • Hold the bottom of the refill cap and turn it in the direction of the arrow to remove the cap.
  • Insert the refilling spout into the mouth of the bottle and pour slowly so as not to foam.

【how to use】

Spray directly on the weed stems and leaves that you want to wither.

【Type of weed】

Annual and perennial weeds, mosses

[Time of use]

Weed growing season (plant height less than 30 cm)

【amount to use】

50 to 200 ml / m2

[Place of use]

Garden, house, grave area, parking lot

Disposal method

  • Fold the air removal point along the dotted line.
  • Please split vertically and remove the air.
  • Please fold it down and throw it away.

Target product for repacking

Ouchi no Kusa Korori Slightly herb smell 1000ml into, 2l into

Instruction Video(Japanese Only)

Usage Notes

[For Small Spaces]

Because this herbicide is not a pesticide, it can not be used to cultivate and manage crops.

  • Read the label carefully.
  • Do not use except for the description.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

[Safety Precautions]

  • Always read and understand the product label carefully before use.
  • Please follow the prescribed usage.
  • If you do not feel well, do not spray.
  • Make sure that the drug does not cover skin, food, dishes, children's toys, pets such as ornamental fish and birds, and feed.
  • People with a constitution that is prone to cause allergies or rashes, or people with symptoms of asthma should not inhale or touch the drug.
  • Please be careful not to drink accidentally.
  • Be careful not to get in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, rinse with water immediately, and if there are any abnormalities, please consult an ophthalmologist.
  • Please consult your doctor if you have any problems.
  • Please do not smoke, eat or drink while spraying.
  • Take care not to cover cars, gates, shutters, other painted surfaces or marble, etc. as it may cause discoloration or stains.
  • If it falls on a garden stone or tombstone, wash it off with water.

【Cautions for effects and drug damage】

  • The drug also kills useful plants.
  • The drug can not be used on lawns, gardens, flower beds and plants.
  • Do not use this agent in the vicinity of agricultural plants and useful plants such as trees, or where it may flow into or disperse on planting sites.
  • Do not plant useful plants at or near the area where the agent has been sprayed.
  • Please be careful not to cause harmful effects on useful plants such as crops and trees by scattering or spilling of this agent.
  • Depending on the conditions of application, weather conditions (eg low temperatures during autumn / spring, rain immediately after application, etc.), the effect may be uneven.
  • Some weeds are hard to wither.

【Notes on storage: refilling】

  • Avoid direct sunlight, distinguish it from food, and keep it tightly closed in a cool place out of the reach of children.
  • When discarding, please dispose as plastic waste according to the method of each local government.

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