Iyana Mushi ZEROdeKNIGHT for 10-13m²

  • Limited Edition

Effective for 1 year (*) at 1 time! Keeps the extermination effect to every corner.

Formulated with the world's first new active ingredients. A space without pests continues for one year (*). It is a fumigant type that spreads the drug to every corner. (*After 1 year, the insects are forced into contact with the treated surface to confirm the extermination effect. The duration of the effect varies depending on the usage environment and the type of pest. *The effect persists when the amount of chemical agent decreases due to cleaning, etc.) may be shortened. If you can no longer feel the effect, please perform additional processing.)

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Product variation

It works everywhere! Keeping the effect of exterminating the whole house

  • Thorough care once a year. Micro particles spread firmly throughout the room and exterminate all pests.
  • With the active ingredient Tenebenal (generic name: Broflanilide), the space is free of pests for one year (*).
  • Even pests that are difficult to work with conventional active ingredients (pyrethroids) can be eradicated.
  • Since it is a type that uses water, it does not pollute the room and does not leave odors.

* We have confirmed the extermination effect by forcibly contacting the treated surface after one year with insects. The duration of the effect varies depending on the usage environment and the type of pest.
* If the amount of chemicals decreases due to cleaning etc., the duration may be shortened. If you no longer feel the effect, take additional steps.

<What is the active ingredient Tenebenal? >

(Common name: Broflanilide)

  • world's first!

    New active active ingredient (action system: metadiamid system)

  • Attention here!
    ・You can feel the persistence of the effect that you have never experienced. (Comparison with Earth Red)
    ・It is also effective against pests that conventional active ingredients (pyrethroids) are not effective against.
    ・Because pests are exterminated as if they are asleep before you know it (*), people who don't want to see pests roaming around can rest assured.
    ・It is a highly safe ingredient for humans and pets.

* Since the active ingredient gradually exerts its effect on pests, it may take some time to realize the effect.

[List of applicable pests]

Classification Species name
Abu Magari Chemshihiki
Ants Pristomyrmex ant, Tetramorium tsushimai, Black garden ant, Formica japonica, Tetramorium tsushimai
Tinea translucens, clothes moth Iga (adult, larva)
Bristletail Bristletail
Katsuobushimushi Varied carpet beetle (adult, larva)
Stink bug Physopelta parrot, stink bug, brown marmorated stink bug, stink bug, stink bug, stink bug, stink bug, stink bug, stink bug, stink bug
Moth Spodoptera litura (adult), fall webworm (adult, larva), silk moth (adult), kisstaba (adult)
Bark beetle Bark beetle
Grasshopper Kubikirigirisu, Sasakiri, Sesujitsuyumushi
Spider Latrodectus mactans, common house spider, Uroctea compactillis, Neoscona nautica
Geji Geji Geji
Cricket Teleogryllus emma, teleogryllus emma, ornebius kanetaki
Scarab beetle Anomala albopilosa
Tenebrionidae Red flour beetle
Sink Imushi Konanagasinkui
Kobae Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila melanogaster, Psychodidae, Psychodidae
Garbage beetle Pheropsophus chinensis, Jujiroa anaperata, Latrodectus mactans
Shibanmushi Tobacco bug
Termites Yamato termite
Weevil Azuki bean weevil, rice weevil, rice weevil, maize weevil
Dung beetle Roly-poly
Chatterbug Hirata Chatate
Locust Trilophidia japonicum
Sawfly Churange sawfly
Hiratamushi Oryzaephilus survivor
centipede Tobism Kade
Meiga Noshimedamameiga
Millipede Yakeyasude
Yusrika Chironomus
Coleoptera Coleoptera

More than 50 species such as centipede, spider fly, butterfly fly, ant, spider, chatate beetle, beetle, skin beetle, chironomid, millipede, gejigeji, woodlouse, moth, bark beetle, konanagasinkui (please check the feature list for details)

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Click here for details on "Preparation and usage before using fumigants and fumigants"

Advance preparation

  • Windows, doors, etc.
    Close the entire room
  • Fire alarm
    Cover with the attached cover or plastic bag
    ・ Be sure to remove after use
  • Precision equipment such as personal computers and televisions
    Put the cover on
    ・ Do not use in rooms with large computers
    ・ Store discs in a box
  • Closet, closet, closet, etc.
    Keep it open as it will be a hiding place for pests
    ・ Cover the tableware and clothing inside.
  • Food and drink, toys, works of art, Buddhist altars and Buddhist altars, etc.
    Put it in a plastic bag or cover it
  • Pets, plants, aquarium fish, etc.
    Get out of the room
    ・ If the ornamental fish and shrimp cannot be moved, they are completely sealed.
    (Cover the aquarium and seal it with tape etc.)
  • Beds, futons, etc.
    Put the cover on

how to use

  • Take out the aluminum bag in the plastic container and fill it with water up to the dotted line in the plastic container.
    ・ Be careful not to insert too much more than the dotted line. If you add too much water, smoke may not come out.
  • Open the aluminum bag and take out the can as it is.
    ・ Do not remove the red sticker on the top of the can.
    ・ Open the aluminum bag just before use.
    (If you leave it open for a long time, it may not emit enough smoke.)
  • Place a plastic container of water near the center of the room, place the can with the red sealed side facing up, and cover it with a ring-shaped lid.
    ・ Do not touch the can directly after using it as it will heat up quickly. The can will cool in about 30 minutes.
  • Smoke will come out after about 1 minute, so please go out of the room and close it for at least 2 hours.
    When the drug evaporates, a black dissolved solid remains inside the can as the residue of the drug.
    In rare cases, the link-shaped lid may melt a little due to heat, but it does not affect the quality such as safety and effectiveness.

After use
[Caution] After 2 hours or more, enter the room and ventilate well for about 1 hour.

When ventilating, be sure to hold your nose and b with a towel etc. and be careful not to inhale smoke.

  • Vacuum lightly to remove small insect carcasses.
  • If the tableware is directly exposed to smoke, wash it with water before use.
  • If you get smoke on your clothes or futon, brush it or dry it in the sun.

Please be sure to read the instruction manual before use.
Also, keep it in a safe place so that you can read it when necessary.

Something you can not do

  • Use only for the intended purpose.
  • Be careful not to inhale smoke. If inhaled, it may cause coughing, throat pain, headache, and discomfort. In particular, people, sick people, pregnant women, and children who are prone to allergic symptoms and rashes do not inhale smoke or touch drugs.
  • ・ Be sure to wait at least 2 hours after starting use before entering the room and ventilating. When ventilating, people who are sensitive to stimuli may cough violently, vomit, or have difficulty breathing when inhaling smoke. Be sure to press the nose and b with a towel etc. to prevent inhaling smoke. Be especially careful of people who are prone to allergic symptoms and rashes.
  • Be careful not to let smoke leak from your room or building. Inhaling leaked smoke may cause the above symptoms.
  • Do not touch the can directly after starting to use it as it gets very hot. It may cause burns.

To consult

  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your body, immediately take this document and tell your doctor that this product contains a metadiamide drug * and receive medical treatment.
    * Acts on GABAergic chlorine ion channels, suppresses the influx of chloride ions into the cells, and inhibits the action potential suppression effect of the channels.

Other notes

  • Observe the specified usage and usage amount.
  • Avoid contact with the human body such as skin and eyes. If the drug gets on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • Do not use directly under the fire alarm because the fire alarm may operate. Use by covering with the attached special cover or plastic bag. At that time, pay close attention to the management of fire, and be sure to remove the cover after use.
  • Avoid smoke on food and drink, tableware, toys, feed, works of art, and Buddhist altars.
  • Pets such as small birds and ornamental plants should be taken out of the room and put back in after sufficient ventilation. Ornamental fish and shrimp operate an air pump.
  • Copper, steel and brass can discolor, so cover or take them out of the room.
  • Cover precision equipment such as personal computers, TVs, game machines, and audio equipment, and store discs in boxes, as this may cause malfunctions. (Do not use in rooms with large computers)
  • Taxidermy, fur, Japanese clothes (with gold thread and silver thread), clothing, etc. may be discolored or stained, so put them in a plastic bag or cover them to prevent them from being exposed to smoke directly.
  • After use, lightly vacuum to remove small insect carcasses.

Precautions for storage and handling

  • Avoid moisture and store in a cool place.
  • Be careful of the storage location to prevent accidental ingestion by children and those who need supervision by a third party.
  • Dispose of used cans as [non-burnable garbage] according to the method specified by each local government. At that time, do not sprinkle water on the can. Smoke may be emitted if there is insufficient water and heat generation during use.

This product falls under the category of aviation dangerous goods under the Civil Aeronautics Act.

When requesting shipping from a carrier (post office, etc.), please inform them in advance that this product is classified as "Dangerous Goods by Air" and confirm that they are able to ship it.

Product Name Iyana Mushi ZEROdeKNIGHT for 10-13m²
Amount 1 piece (10g)
Country of origin/production area Japan
Active Ingredients Broflanilide
Others Tenebenal (generic name: Broflanilide) is a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Agro Co., Ltd.

See the instructions enclosed with the product(PDF: 1,127KB)

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Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

Iyana Mushi ZEROdeKNIGHT for 10-13m²

Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

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