Earth Shiramitori Lotion (for lice)

  • Pesticide Quasi-drug

Effective against drug-resistant lice and eggs, preventing recurrence.

Approved for the first time in Japan! A lice repellent that does not use insecticidal ingredients. The active ingredient is Dimethicone. In addition to being highly effective and safe, it is also comfortable to use.

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Product variation

Japan's first!
Pyrethroid insecticidal ingredient-free lice extermination product

* Earth Corporation first obtained approval in 2021

Effective against drug-resistant lice
It also works on eggs to prevent recurrence

<Mechanism for exterminating head lice>

  • Lotion wraps lice
  • Coated with Dimethicone and immobilized
  • Lethal because water in the body cannot be drained

    Since it works by physical action, it also works on drug-resistant lice and eggs!

<What is the active ingredient Dimethicone (dimethylpolysiloxane) >

  • Dimethicone 's pediculicide is more effective against lice than conventional drugs (compared to our company), but it is a "Quasi-drug" that has milder effects on humans.
  • Dimethicone is a widely used ingredient in hair and body care products.

Pyrethroid insecticidal ingredient, surfactant, paraben, alcohol, fragrance, colorant-free additive-free formulation.

A hair lotion type that spreads directly on dry hair.

Comes with a hair band that prevents lotion from getting into your eyes, and a 2-way comb that removes eggs.

Rinse with regular shampoo 5 minutes after application.

Play how-to video

Be sure to read the attached instructions before use.
Keep it in a safe place so that you can read it when necessary.

[Before use]

  • Be sure to use it with dry hair.
  • Please note that the lotion is slippery if it hangs on the floor.

① Get what you need.

<What is in the box> (Please check)

  • lotion
  • Pointed cap
  • hair band
  • 2way dedicated comb
  • Instruction manual

<What you need to prepare yourself>

  • Makeup cape or towel
  • Tissue paper, etc.
  • Floor covering such as newspaper
  • clock
  • Towels that can get dirty
  • Shampoo and conditioner for washing hair, etc.

② Take measures against dirt.

  • If you are going to use it with your clothes on, wear open-front clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
  • Guard your clothes with a makeup cape or towel
    * It is recommended that you wrap a towel that you don't mind getting dirty on your shoulders or neck in case the liquid drips.
  • Please remove glasses, contact lenses and accessories.
  • If you use it in the bathroom or in other places, lay newspaper etc. on the floor or wash basin.
    * Lotion on clothes, folds, carpets, walls, furniture, etc. may cause stains.

【how to use】

  • Keep your hair dry and dry. To prevent the lotion from getting into your eyes, wear the included hair band on your forehead so that it does not get on your hair as much as possible.
  • Take the round cap and attach the pointed cap.
  • Hold down the black part of the pointed cap and remove only the white lid. Apply it so that it spreads well over the hairline and evenly over the entire area. Raise the hair band where it is in contact with the hair band so that the lotion is sufficiently applied to the hair.

    * Please note that the lotion is slippery if it hangs on the floor.

  • The standard amount for one use is about 25 mL to 50 mL.
  • Keep it out of your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water and wash your hair with regular shampoo. If you are concerned, shampoo twice.
  • After using it, close the lid tightly and store it.
  • Repeat this operation once a day, three times every two to three days.

* Eggs hatch in about 7 days. The drug penetrates into lice eggs and is effective, but some hatch, so use it three times repeatedly.

* Use regular shampoo and rinse when not using this agent.

[How to use the 2WAY comb]

Eggs and egg shavings stick firmly to the hair and are difficult to remove, so take them carefully with the attached special comb. After combing the entire hair with the wide part of the special comb, remove the eggs and the egg shavings with the narrow part. (You can use it even if your hair is wet or dry after shampooing.)

[How to handle 2WAY comb and hair band]

After using the special comb and hair band, soak them in hot water at 55 ° C or higher for 5 minutes or more to completely kill the attached eggs, dry them, and then reuse them. (If you soak it in hot water of 80 ℃ or higher, the special comb may be deformed.) If you are concerned about the stickiness of the hair band, soak it in hot water, wash it with soap or laundry detergent, and then dry it.

【Something you can not do】

  • Please do not take it internally.
  • Do not use if you have symptoms such as eczema, rash or sore on your scalp or application site.
  • No fires. When using this product, keep away from fire such as cigarettes.


  • In the following cases, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
    ・ If allergic symptoms such as rash / redness, itchiness and rash appear on the skin after use
    ・ If you accidentally swallow a large amount of this drug
    ・ If you accidentally get it in your eyes and the symptoms do not improve even after rinsing with water or lukewarm water.
    ・ If no improvement is seen even after using 3 times

[Other precautions]

  • Please observe the prescribed usage and dosage.
  • If you want your child to use it, please use it under the guidance and supervision of a guardian.
  • Eggs stuck to the hair should be removed with a plow.
  • When using, be careful not to get it in your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Should it get in your eyes, rinse immediately with cold or warm water.
  • After using this product, wash your hands with soap.
  • If you are dyeing your hair with a hair manicure, etc., please note that this agent may dissolve the hair dye and decolorize it. Also, be careful as the melted hair dye may stain your clothes.
  • Do not get it on food, tableware, toys, etc.
  • Be sure to use it on dry hair as it will not be effective enough if used on wet hair.
  • If this product drips on the floor, it will become very slippery, so wipe it off immediately and be careful not to tip it over.

【Notes on storage and handling】

  • Keep out of the reach of children, out of direct sunlight, and in a cool place.
  • Do not replace with another container.
  • Do not mix tap water or other liquids into the container.
  • Dispose of used empty containers, etc. according to the regulations of the local government.

This product does not fall under the aviation dangerous goods stipulated by the Civil Aeronautics Law.

Product Name Earth Shiramitori Lotion (for lice)
Sales name Earth Shiramitori Lotion (for lice)
Amount 150 mL
Country of origin/production area Japan
Active Ingredients Dimethicone (dimethylpolysiloxane) 4.0%
component Cyclopentasiloxane and 1 other ingredient
Effect / effect Head lice extermination
Others To those involved in educational institutions and retailers
Head lice countermeasure Q & A (for parental guidance)(PDF: 903KB)Prevention and countermeasures for head lice (health news template)(PDF: 828KB)

See the instructions enclosed with the product(PDF: 945KB)

Where to find

Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

Earth Shiramitori Lotion (for lice)

Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

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