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Raku Hapi Bubloon Foaming Cleaner for Toilet Bowl

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Product variation

    • 180g
  • 180g

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Raku Hapi Bubloon Foaming Cleaner for Toilet Bowl
Amount 180g
Country of Origin Japan
component Chlorinated isocyanurate, foaming agent (carbonate, organic acid), surfactant (sodium alkyl sulfate)
Others 【品名】水洗トイレ用洗浄剤 【用途】水洗トイレの便器の内側、水たまり部


With this one bag, you can wash “to here,” “whole,” “rubbing”!

  • こすり洗い不要!(※1)
  • Cleans black smears and pink stains!
  • ブラシの届かない奥まで洗浄・除菌!(※2)
  • 約2週間、トイレボウルからのニオイの発生も防ぐ!(※3)
  • Use as a Pikatsuya toilet!
  • No worries about damaging toilets or septic tanks!

※1 汚れがひどい場合は、くり返しの使用がおすすめです。汚れの程度によっては、落ちない場合があります。

※2 全ての菌を除菌するわけではありません。

※3 使用環境により異なります。


Single use type

How to Use

● Always use with good ventilation.
● Turn off the toilet's main body.

  • Raise the toilet seat.
  • Put one bag into the puddle part of the toilet bowl.

    Add from a low position so that the powder does not rise. If powder adheres to the toilet seat, wipe it off immediately.

  • Since a large amount of foam is generated by foaming, leave it for more than 30 minutes.

    There is no problem to leave it overnight, but be sure to ventilate.

  • 使用後は、泡が無くなるまで水を流す。


[Recommended frequency]

  • To keep the toilet bowl clean, we recommend using it once every two weeks. (It depends on the degree of dirt.)

[Usable toilet]

  • Western flush toilet

[Unavailable toilet]

  • Japanese style flush toilet
  • Simple Western-style flush toilet
  • Simple Japanese style flush toilet

Instruction Video(Japanese Only)

Usage Notes

Keep the product label so that you can read it as needed.


  • Use only for the intended purpose.
  • Always use it alone. When mixed with acidic / alkaline products, vinegar, alcohol, etc., hazardous gas is generated and dangerous.
  • Do not use more than 2 bags at a time.
  • Use cooking gloves when using.
  • Use immediately after opening and use up one bag.
  • Be careful as it may cause discoloration if attached to clothing. If adhering, wash immediately with water.
  • Do not use if you are not feeling well.
  • 直射日光や火気を避け、子供や第三者の監督が必要な方の手の届かない涼しい所に保管する。

【First aid】

  • 目に入った場合は、目を傷めるおそれがあるので、こすらず直ちに流水で15分以上洗い流し、痛みや異常がなくても直後に必ず眼科医の診療を受ける。
  • If swallowed, rinse mouth without forcing and drink water or milk.
  • If on skin, wash well with water.
  • If you get stuffy or coughing or feeling unwell during use, stop using it, leave your spot, wash your eyes, gargle, etc.
  • いずれの場合も、異常のある場合は本品を持参し医師に相談する。

* Mixing danger Chlorine-based *

  • Use with acidic / alkaline type products (mixing) may result in hazardous chlorine gas.
  • Wash with water as soon as it gets into your eyes.
  • Avoid touching children's hands.
  • Always use with good ventilation.

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