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Earth Garden Iki-Iki Kiribana Enmeizai Fresh Cut Flower Fertilizer

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The cut flowers will last longer because they keep the water in the bottle clean.

Cut flowers last long lasting. Keep the water in the bottle clean as it prevents the growth of bacteria.

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Product variation

    • Ikiiki cut flower life expectancy agent
  • Ikiiki cut flower life expectancy agent

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Iki-Iki Kiribana Enmeizai Fresh Cut Flower Fertilizer
Amount 230ml
Country of Origin Japan
component Water, saccharides, antibacterial agent, metal ion
Effect / effect Life extension of cut flowers in flower vase
Duration of effect Depending on the type of flowers, the number of flowers, and the usage environment, Kiku will usually last twice as long as tap water alone. Depending on the conditions, tap water alone will last for about 1 to 2 weeks, but if you use this agent it will last about 2 to 4 weeks.


Ikiiki is a nutrient that lasts cut flowers.

  • Keep cut flowers for a long time.
  • We control the growth of mold and bacteria in the water of the flower bottle, and prevent damage and clogs in the cut end of the stem and the conduit, and improve the drainage. In addition, we control that water of flower bottle becomes hard.

How to Use

[I can not use it]

Aluminum flower vase

[How to use]

Use in a well-washed vase.

  • While turning the red outer cap, pull it toward you to open it. (It is the way to open the tea cylinder)
  • Put the solution diluted 40 times with water in a vase and cut the flower.
  • Rinse the inner cap with water, wipe off the liquid from the cap with a dry cloth, etc., and tightly close the cap before storage.

※ It is effective to cut the stem obliquely in water to improve the drainage of cut flowers.
※ If the water decreases, please replenish the solution diluted 40 times. If the solution becomes turbid due to conditions such as temperature, please discard the solution in the vase and remake the solution again.
※ The degree to which cut flowers last is different depending on conditions such as the type and condition of the flower and temperature.

Usage Notes


  • Do not use outside of use.
  • Do not place in places touched by children or pets.
  • Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • White crystals may adhere to the pouring spout of the bottle, but the sugar is dried and crystallized and there is no problem with the quality. In addition, the contents may be discolored or precipitates or floats may be seen, but there is no problem with the quality.

【First aid】

  • If in eyes: Rinse thoroughly with running water.
  • If swallowed: Rinse mouth with water and drink water immediately.

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