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Earth Garden Suzumebachi no Su Gekimetsu Bait in Container 8pcs

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It is safe because you do not approach the nest. A simple wasp nest repellent just to install.

The only (*) exterminator for nests in Japan. Since it is only installed at a distance of about 10m from the nest, it is safe without stimulating wasps. You can get rid of it without knowing the location of the nest. * In-house survey (as of June 2019)

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Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Suzumebachi no Su Gekimetsu Bait in Container 8pcs
Amount Four
Set contents: Lid x 4, Lower container x 4, Hanging string x 4, Alert sticker x 2 sheets (1 sheet with 2 seals)
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Fipronil
Duration of effect Approx. 2 weeks (depends on usage environment)

Type of Pests



Only in Japan (*) It is safe because you do not approach the nest

* In-house survey (as of June 2019, as a venom feed product for wasps)

A mechanism that can destroy a nest without knowing the location of the nest

  • Hornets love sweet taste. Invited by the scent of savory black honey and fermented sap, find a bait (container).
  • A worker bee informs a friend of the location of the food and the friends gather more and more.
  • A worker bee goes outside to feed and feeds the bees in the nest.
  • Feeding poison turns around, worker bees, bees in nests, queen bees, and larvae die.
  • Larvae hatched from eggs die because there are no bees to feed.
  • Nests are destroyed.

Commitment to wasp nest killing

  • Favorite sweet scent to attract
    Hornets love savory black honey and fermented sap. Attract by the rich fragrance.
  • Scaffolding to guide
    The hornet has a habit of getting off if there is a scaffold. There is a scaffold in four directions, leading firmly.
  • Feed structure to eat well
    The food is soaked in a burrow-like structure where the head fits easily to eliminate caution, so you will eat plenty of the effect.

How to Use

Be sure to read and understand the product label before use.
When using, be careful not to get stung by bees.

[Assembly method]

  • Remove the seal on the top of the lower container.

    Contains a mat soaked with extermination feed. Do not remove.

  • Push the lid into the lower container until you hear a click.

【Installation method】
Attach the warning sticker to the side of the lower container before installing.

  • Hang and install
    Pass the attached hanging string through the protruding hole on the lid and hang it securely.

    Please install in a stable place so that the container does not shake.

  • Place and set
    Place the container on a flat surface so that the entrance is not blocked.
  • After installation, bees are attracted and fly, so be careful not to approach them carelessly or to stimulate them.

    [Effective installation method]

    • Please install one or two at a place where traffic is few 10m away from the nest and where bees are often seen (trees with sap, etc.).

      When two containers are installed, it is easier to find the bees by installing the containers about 10 m apart.

      If you are not invited after one or two days, change the location.

    • When installing preventively, please install in places where you can see bees or around the garden.

    Timing of wasp nest killing installation

    • Prevention: early April to late May
    • Eradication: Early June to late October

    [Container collection method]

    • Make sure there are no bees around.
    • Make sure there are no bees inside.
    • If the bees in the container are still alive, do not open the lid and wait for the bees to come out before collecting.
    • Be careful not to allow the contents to escape.
    • Please dispose in a garbage bag without opening the lid.

    [Method of collecting exterminated nests]

    • Be sure to check the nest to make sure there are no bees coming or going for a few days.
    • When collecting the nest, be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves, boots, safety glasses, etc. that do not allow the bee's needle to reach the skin, such as bare skin, and go after sunset.
    • The nest after collection should be disposed of promptly, such as putting it in a bag or burying it in the soil.

    * It has no effect on eggs and pupae. When the hatching period of the egg and the emergence period of the pupa coincide, the bees may come out of the nest. Also, be careful not to get stabbed, and if you get stabbed, please consult a doctor immediately. Please prepare a hornet spray to make sure.

    [Effective use of extermination of the nest]

    • If you want to get rid of the nest quickly: Kill the hornet's nest
    • If you're afraid to get rid of by spraying and don't know where the nest is: a wasp nest-killing feeder

    Contains ingredients that bees dislike
    Avoid use in facilities or orchards where honey bees are released.
    Do not use in or around beehives.

Usage Notes

  • Always read and understand the product label carefully before use.
  • Be sure to follow the prescribed usage.
  • Please install it in the place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible.
  • Use immediately after opening.
  • Depending on the surrounding environment and the type of bee, it may be difficult to be attracted. If you have not been attracted for one or two days, change the location.
  • The medicine is contained in a container, so please use it without removing the contents from the container.
  • Be very careful that children and pets do not touch or eat the drug.
  • This product is not food. If you eat by mistake, tell your doctor immediately that this product contains Fipronil and consult a doctor.
  • If your pet accidentally eats, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • If the drug gets on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap.
  • This product can be used for about 2 weeks. Please collect used product immediately.
  • When collecting after installation, make sure there are no bees around and take care not to let the contents leak.
  • Used products should not be touched by children and should not be used for other purposes.

[Disposal method]

  • Put it in a garbage bag without opening the lid, and dispose of it according to the regulations of each local government.

[Precautions for installation]

  • Install it outdoors.
  • Please install it away from people's paths, dwellings, verandas, etc.
  • Install it during a time when hornets are not flying very much (early morning or after evening).
  • Make sure there are no hornets around before installing.
  • Be careful not to approach the hornet's nest.
  • In the event of a typhoon or storm, this product may be blown or fall off, so please collect it beforehand.
  • Be careful not to touch or play with children or pets.

[Notes on storage]

  • Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place out of the reach of children.

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