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Earth Garden Hachi no Su Gekimetsu Killing Spray 480ml

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Spray to eliminate bees and nests. It is safe with a component that does not strike back.

Jet spray is used to kill nests and fly away from flying bees, and spray-type sprays can be switched to wide spray to prevent nest building. It is extinguished with a fast-acting component and a component that does not strike back.

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    • 480 ml
  • 480 ml

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Hachi no Su Gekimetsu Killing Spray 480ml
Amount 480 ml
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Phtalthrin, Momfluorothrin, Bifenthrin (pyrethroid), Plant-derived ingredient
Duration of effect Prevention of nesting about 1 month (depends on usage environment)

Type of Pests

Paper wasps, wasps, flies, blackflies, spiders, bugs, stink bugs, centipedes


Safe with ingredients that are not counterattacked (patent pending)

  • Nest extermination: Thorough extermination of the whole nest with components that are not counterattacked
  • Also works for bees that have returned after extermination of the nest
  • Prevention of nesting: spraying in advance keeps bees away and prevents nesting
  • Rapid removal: bee shoots down quickly and neutralizes bees

How to Use

[Method of switching injection]

Turn the knob on the tip to the end.
* If you spray without turning it to the end, it may cause liquid dripping.

< When exterminating the nest >
Defeat the nest from a distance of about 3m. The maximum injection distance is 6.5m.

When there is no wind. It depends on the usage environment.

Adjust the knob to "JET" and spray from 10m away from the windward about 3m away.

< When exterminating flying bees >

Adjust the knob to “JET” and spray plenty directly to the pest you want to exterminate.

< When preventing nesting >

Set the knob to "WIDE" and spray for about 5 seconds per square meter around the place where the bees made the nest the previous year or where they would likely make a nest.
* We recommend spraying in March and April in preparation for the queen bee to start nesting alone.

● This product is all injected in about 40 seconds for powerful injection.

● When using the spray, be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves, boots, and protective glasses (all of which needles do not reach the skin) that do not expose the skin.

● Do not touch fallen bees with your hands.

Outdoor only

Usage Notes

[Precautions before use]

  • Before use, raise the stopper on the top and bend it back until it makes a snap.

[Cautions on use]

  • Be sure to read and understand the product label before use.
  • Be sure to follow the prescribed usage.
  • Do not use indoors.
  • Do not inject into the flame.
  • Do not spray towards the human body. Also, do not inhale the propellant gas.
  • People with a constitution that is prone to cause allergies or rashes, or people with symptoms of asthma should not inhale or touch the drug.
  • Be careful not to get on skin, food and drink, tableware, children's toys, pets such as ornamental fish and birds, feed and ornamental plants.
  • Be careful not to cover automobiles, painted surfaces such as walls, marble, granite, concrete, and white wood, as they may cause discoloration or spots.
  • Direct application of some plants may cause chemical damage.
  • When using, be sure to wear protective clothing and gloves to avoid exposure of skin.
  • If you want to get rid of the beehive, be sure to go after sunset.
  • After spraying, please leave the place immediately.

[Cautions in use or after use]

  • Make sure there are no people in the downwind area around the injection area, and then inject from the upwind.
  • If the application of the drug is not enough, it is difficult to obtain the effect, so spray the medicine sufficiently.
  • If the drug gets on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap. Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • If you experience any abnormalities, immediately tell your doctor that this product is a product containing pyrethroids and consult a doctor.
  • Do not touch fallen bees directly with your hands.
  • In preventing nesting, rain or water splashes on the spray area will reduce the effectiveness. In that case, spray again.

【Notes on storage】

  • Keep out of direct sunlight and fire, and keep out of reach of children.
  • To prevent rusting of the can, do not place it near water or in humid places.

【Method of disposal】

  • Please discard this product after using it up.
  • When throwing away, pull the injection lever in a well ventilated place outdoors without fire so that it does not hit people down, bleed gas until the sound of the injection disappears, and then throw away according to the method prescribed by each local government.
  • Be careful not to get on your face when degassing.
  • 大量に使い残した缶の廃棄方法はアース製薬お客様からお気づきを頂く窓口にお問い合わせください。

[Beware of fire and high temperature]

As it is a flammable product using high pressure gas and dangerous, keep the following precautions.

  • Do not use near fire or fire.
  • Do not use it in a large amount in a room that uses fire.
  • Do not place in places exposed to direct sunlight or near stoves or fan heaters where the temperature may reach 40 ° C or higher, as there is a risk of explosion if the temperature rises.
  • Do not put in the fire.
  • Use up and throw it away.

High pressure gas: LP gas / DME
No fires

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