Ulmore Bath Liquid Creamy Rose

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A moisturizing bath liquid that keeps your skin moist all day long.

Concentrated moisturizing veil component (polyquaternium-10). It coats the whole body and keeps your skin moist all day long. Milky white water.

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Moist skin, the finest mellow water that lasts for a day

Gently wraps the bare skin of all people suffering from dry skin, from babies to the elderly, to make it moist and smooth.

<Process of Moisturizing Dry Skin>

  • Supplements the original moisture of the skin

    Contains 5 types of moist skin ingredients
    [Amino acid (proline), adsorptive hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen, elastin]

  • Enhance moisturizing feeling

    Contains natural oil ingredient [shea butter]

  • It coats the skin of the whole body and does not miss the moisturizing ingredients.

    Moisturizing veil ingredients rich mix

[Scent] Creamy rose scent
[Hot water color] Milky white (dirty)

* Allergy test and stinging test completed (Not all people are allergic and irritated.)

  • Open the lid.
  • Push the bottle to drain the liquid to the weighing line.
    (The scale up to the top of the cap is 40 mL. Adjust the amount used according to your taste of moisture.)
  • Put 40 to 80 mL of this product in a bath of hot water (200 L), stir well and bathe.
    It may be difficult to dissolve due to the concentrated formulation.
  • After use, close the lid and do not wash the measuring cap with water.

※ Please be aware that the liquid may splash if you press vigorously.
※ Be careful as the tub and washroom become slippery.

There is no sulfur in the bath and the bath pot in this product.

  • Do not use for uses other than bathing.
  • If skin or physical condition is abnormal, consult with a doctor or pharmacist before use.
  • Discontinue use and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you notice irritation or other abnormalities such as rash, redness, itching, or irritation on the skin during or after use. In particular, people with allergies or people who have experienced hypersensitivity symptoms such as a rash with drugs etc. should be used with extreme caution.
  • If the stock solution gets into your eyes, wash it off immediately.
  • This product is not a drink. If swallowed in large quantities, take measures such as drinking water.
  • After use, close the lid tightly and keep it out of the reach of children.

[About the type]

  • Use the full automatic water heater or the filter for 24 hours, as filters may get clogged, so check the instructions for your model.
  • After use, the inside of the bath pot and the filter of the circulation hole may become white and dirty, so wash it thoroughly with water. (Some white turbid components may be attached to the hot water inside the bathtub and may come out of the bathtub through the circulation hole.)
  • If you leave the remaining hot water in the bathtub for a long time, the area around the bathtub may become white.

【About the use of remaining hot water】

  • The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but use fresh water for rinsing. However, do not use in the following cases. (Combined use with soft finish, soaked, grated clothing)
  • Do not pour remaining hot water on plants, as this may have an impact.

This product does not fall under the aviation dangerous goods stipulated by the Civil Aeronautics Law.

    Product Name Ulmore Bath Liquid Creamy Rose
    Sales name Ulmore SC-2 (creamy rose scent)
    Amount 600 mL (about 15 times) ※ When using 40 mL
    Country of origin/production area Japan
    component Water, glycerin, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, titanium oxide, Ethanol, polysorbate 20, fragrance, polyquaternium-10 (moist veil component) hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate (adsorption type hyaluronic acid), shea butter, glucosylceramide, α - glucan, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, proline, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, phenoxy Ethanol, PEG / PPG-300/55 copolymer, PEG-400, stearoyl Monosodium glutamate

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    Ulmore Bath Liquid Creamy Rose

    Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

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