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Mondahmin Mouthwash Jr. Grape Mix 600mL

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Recommended for elementary and junior high school students. For finishing after brushing.

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Product variation

    • Grape mix taste 600mL
  • Grape mix taste 600mL

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Mondahmin Mouthwash Jr. Grape Mix 600mL
Amount 600 mL
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC)
component Wetting agent: concentrated glycerin Solvent: PG flavoring agent: flavor (grape mix type), trehalose, xylit, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, sucralose pH adjuster:Sodium bicarbonate Sodium hydroxide Solubilizer: POE cetyl ether Tooth coating agent: white shellac Preservative: phenoxyethanol, paraben Detergent: EDTA-2Na Colorant: green 201, yellow 4
Effect / effect Prevention of dental caries. Purify the mouth. Refresh your mouth. Prevention of bad breath.
Others Non-alcoholic type


Recommended for elementary and junior high school students
Firm teeth tooth prevention & polishing left measures

  • The natural coating component shellac and the sterilizing component CPC coat the tooth surface with W.
  • Just rinse and clean after brushing.

The tooth decay time increases the risk of tooth decay.

  • A permanent tooth that has just changed is vulnerable to acid.
  • Due to the presence of the milk teeth and permanent teeth, the tooth alignment is poor, so there is a large amount of unpolished.

Non-alcoholic type that doesn't get rid

The flavor of the grape mix that you want to use every day.

How to Use

  • In addition to daily (daily) toothpaste, please apply a dosage of 10 to 20 mL into your mouth and rinse out for about 20 to 30 seconds before spit.
    The cap half line is about 20 mL.
  • After use, you do not need to rinse your mouth with water.
  • You can use it anytime, but we recommend using after brushing and good night before.

Usage Notes

  • Do not drink, as it is not an oral solution.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, please keep out of reach of children.
  • Discontinue use and consult a physician if symptoms such as mouth problems, rashes, or itching appear.

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