Mamo Room for Mosquitos 1440 hours set

  • Pesticide Quasi-drug

Just by turning on the switch, the whole room becomes a preventive space.

Ultra-micro particles spread to every corner of the room. Since it is a plug type that keeps supplying ingredients at all times, the effect against mosquitoes is stable.

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Protect your room from mosquitoes
Ultra-microparticles spread throughout the room

Mosquitoes in the room come into contact with the ingredients and get rid of them quickly.

The effect is stable because the ingredients are constantly supplied.

Ingredients volatilized in the room block the invasion of mosquitoes

Transfluthrin + natural essential oil (mentha oil*)

* In fragrance

adult mosquito

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  • Turn the cap of the bottle and slowly pull it straight up so that the cap does not touch the core. The core may break, so handle it with care. (The cap is required to store the bottle. Please do not throw it away.)
  • Slide the instrument (bottom) from ▲ LOCK to OPEN and lift the instrument (top) straight.
  • Make sure to insert the bottle from the bottom of the instrument (top) until it clicks into place. At that time, look inside the transpiration port on the top of the appliance and make sure that the black core does not touch the ring heater (silver).
  • Make sure to push the instrument (bottom) from below.
  • Slide the ▲ on the instrument (bottom) from OPEN to LOCK.
  • Insert the plug into an outlet (household 100V power supply) and turn on the switch. After a while, the drug begins to volatilize throughout the room.
    Do not place heavy objects on the power cord or pinch it between devices.
  • Replacement method
    Be sure to pull the bottle straight down with the bottle down. If the amount of residual liquid is "replacement line", it can be used for another 1 to 2 weeks. (When energized for 12 hours a day)
  • The one with the transpiration port is the appliance (top). Please note that if you use it upside down, there is a possibility of liquid leakage.

Check your equipment!

If the power cord is scratched or cracked, or if the lamp flickers when the cord is moved, it is dangerous and may cause electric shock or fire. Immediately stop using the product and replace it with a new one.

※ If there is a shield on the transpiration port, or if it is used by laying it sideways, if the chemical solution adheres to the cord, the cord may become hard and deterioration may progress.

* The power cord cannot be replaced. If the cord is damaged, discard the instrument.

If the device is used for many years (7 to 8 years), the possibility of aging may increase. Replace the equipment that you used for many years with a new one.

Mamo room lineup

  • For mosquitoes
  • Mites

At the time of replacement, any of the above bottles can be used according to your preference.

Please read it carefully before use and use it correctly.

Please keep the instruction manual so that you can read it if necessary.


  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your body or if you accidentally swallow the liquid, immediately tell your doctor that this product contains pyrethroids and seek medical attention.

[Other notes]

  • Be sure to follow the prescribed usage and usage.
  • Do not touch the core of the bottle directly as it contains chemicals. Should the drug get on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap.
  • If using in a closed or narrow room, ventilate the room occasionally with caution. Depending on your physical condition or physical condition, it may cause headache, sore throat, discomfort, etc.
  • People with allergies should be careful to use.
  • Do not insert wires or pins into the device or touch the device with wet hands. Also, do not splash liquids such as water or oil on utensils and bottles. It may cause electric shock or malfunction.
  • Do not touch or put your finger inside as the upper part of the device and the transpiration port become hot during use. It may cause burns.
  • Do not allow children to touch the product during or after use.
  • Equipment should be used in normal condition and not used sideways, upside down or hanging. Also, do not drop the device or give an impact.
  • Be careful with fire and keep flames away from you.
  • Do not put newspapers, futons, blankets, clothes, etc on equipment. The heat may burn and the equipment may deform.
  • Do not use on thick-piled carpets. If it is used for a long time, it may leak.
  • Do not place it in direct sunlight or in places with high temperatures such as on AV equipment as it may cause liquid leakage.
  • Because the core of the bottle is fixed, do not pull or move it forcibly. The core is broken and can not be used.
  • In rare cases, the color of the liquid may be dark, but there is no difference in efficacy.
  • Although the transpiration component may appear as rare white smoke, it is not unusual.
  • Depending on the usage environment such as when the wind hits the evaporation port, evaporation may be poor and liquid may leak or the effect may not be sufficient.
  • When the power is turned on, the drug will volatilize continuously, so be sure to switch off when not in use.
  • Dispose of used empty containers properly.

【Notes on storage and handling】

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place out of the reach of children.
  • When not in use for a long period of 3 to 4 months or longer, remove the bottle from the appliance and tighten the cap. The remaining liquid can be used in the next year.
  • We have not confirmed the effectiveness and safety of using bottles other than Mamoroom bottles, and there is a risk of fire such as ignition, so please do not use other than Mamoroom bottles. We are not responsible for any trouble caused by incorrect usage, so please forgive us in advance.

Beware of fire

This product falls under the category of aviation dangerous goods under the Civil Aeronautics Act.

When requesting shipping from a carrier (post office, etc.), please inform them in advance that this product is classified as "Dangerous Goods by Air" and confirm that they are able to ship it.

Product Name Mamo Room for Mosquitos 1440 hours set
Sales name Earth Liquid R4
Amount 1 instrument + 1 drug bottle for 1440 hours
Country of origin/production area Equipment: China / Drug bottle: Japan
Active Ingredients Transfluthrin 900mg/bottle
component No. 1 kerosene, liquid paraffin, BHT, fragrance
Effect / effect Control and control of adult mosquitoes
Duration of effect Approximately 1440 hours (120 days with 12 hours a day)

See the instructions enclosed with the product(PDF: 923KB)

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Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

Mamo Room for Mosquitos 1440 hours set

Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

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