Helper Tasuke Shoshu Nomat Deodorizer refill Floral

Deodorize the entire room with a single switch and create a good scent!

Using the excretion odor that drifts in the room, it creates a comfortable floral scent and deodorizes it. It can be used with any appliance in the Earth No-mat.

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It is a comfortable deodorant that does not cheat by using the excreted odor as a scent component to create a comfortable scent and deodorize it.
Comfortable floral scent.

  • The ingredients spread in the room of 4.5-12 tatami just by turning on, and it spreads to every corner.
  • It is perfect for the room to care for which the source of odor smell is unclear.
  • The effect lasts for about 60 days by using 24 hours a day. ※ It varies according to season and use environment from 45 to 90 days.

Mechanism to create a pleasant scent

  • It is hard to tell where the source of the odor smelled.
  • Helper Tasuke Change to a good smell Deodorant no mat, one switch will spread around the room. So it's okay if you don't understand the source.
  • Active ingredient DEOMAGIC Meet the smell of excretion, together, turned into a pleasant floral scent!
  • It continues for a long time while the switch is turned on.

Active ingredients:DEOMAGIC

Developed by Shikibo Ltd. DEOMAGIC"Is an odor control ingredient that is made to have a good smell when it comes to the actual offensive odor (excretion odor). This scent is the same as how to make perfume.

Please read the attached "Instruction Manual" carefully before using the product.

  • Turn the cap on the bottle and slowly pull it over so that the cap does not touch the core.
  • Push the bottle firmly from below the body until it clicks.
  • Plug the plug into a power outlet and turn on the switch.
  • When replacing the bottle, pull the bottle straight down.

Earth No-mat You can use it with a device (mosquito).
If you do not use it for a long time (more than 3 to 4 months), remove the bottle from the device and keep the cap closed.

This product is not a mosquito extermination product.

Be careful of accidental ingestion.

  • Be sure to follow the prescribed usage and usage.
  • Do not touch the core of the bottle with your hand because it has a drug solution. If the medicine gets on the skin, wash it thoroughly with soap.
  • If using in a closed room or small room, ventilate the room from time to time. Also, discontinue use and ventilate when you feel sick. Depending on physical condition or physical condition, it may cause headache, sore throat, discomfort and so on.
  • People with allergies should be careful to use.
  • Do not insert a wire or pin into the device or touch the device with wet hands. In addition, do not pour liquids such as water, oil on appliances or bottles. It may cause an electric shock or failure.
  • During use, the upper part of the instrument and the transpiration port become hot, so do not touch them with your hands or put your fingers inside. In particular, be careful that children's fingers are easy to enter. It may cause burns.
  • Do not touch the hands of those in need of child or third party supervision during or after use.
  • Equipment should be used in normal condition and not used sideways, upside down or hanging. Also, do not drop the device or give an impact.
  • Be careful with fire and keep flames away from you.
  • Do not put newspapers, futons, blankets, clothes, etc on equipment. The heat may burn and the apparatus may deform.
  • Do not use on a carpet with a long haired leg. If it is used for a long time, it may leak.
  • Do not use in places where it gets wet, where it gets hot or humid (such as on AV equipment or near fan heaters), near fire, or in direct sunlight. It may cause liquid leakage.
  • Because the core of the bottle is fixed, do not pull or move it forcibly. The core is broken and can not be used.
  • The components volatilize continuously during energization, so be sure to turn off the switch when not in use.
  • Although the transpiration component may occasionally appear as thin white smoke, it is not abnormal.
  • If spilled, wipe off immediately as there is a risk of stains and discoloration. If the drug adheres, it may damage painted surfaces and plastics, and stain floors and tatami mats.
  • Dispose of used empty containers properly.

【First aid】

  • If the drug gets on your skin, and if it gets in your eyes, wash it out with water immediately.
  • If you drink it accidentally, drink plenty of water.
  • If you feel sick during use, discontinue use.
  • If there is an abnormality, bring this product and receive medical treatment from a doctor.

【Notes on storage】

  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children and third parties who require supervision.
  • When not using for a long period of 3 to 4 months or more, remove the bottle from the appliance and keep the cap tightened.

Check your equipment!

If the power cord is scratched or cracked, or if the lamp flickers when the cord is moved, it is dangerous and may cause electric shock or fire. Immediately stop using the product and replace it with a new one.

※ If there is a shield on the transpiration port, or if it is used by laying it sideways, if the chemical solution adheres to the cord, the cord may become hard and deterioration may progress.

This product does not fall under the aviation dangerous goods stipulated by the Civil Aeronautics Law.

Product Name Helper Tasuke Shoshu Nomat Deodorizer refill Floral
Amount 45 mL
Country of origin/production area Japan
Active Ingredients DEOMAGIC
component Perfume, solvent
Duration of effect Approximately 60 days (in the case of 24 hours a day use) ※ It varies according to the season and use environment from 45 to 90 days.
Others [Product name] Aroma deodorant, [Use] for indoor use

See the instructions enclosed with the product(PDF: 951KB)

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Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

Helper Tasuke Shoshu Nomat Deodorizer refill Floral

Move to an external site. Please read the contents of each site carefully for prices and service contents, etc., and use them at your own risk.

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