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Earth Garden Nezumi Senyo Tachiiri Kinshi Trap Sheet with Bait 5pcs

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For those who feel difficult to catch. An adhesive with a special lure for odors that mice love.

Adhesive with lure that reproduces the smell of the mouse's favorite food. Rats with a high level of caution are also attracted to lure bait and become more susceptible to sticking.

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Product variation

    • 5 sets
  • 5 sets

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Nezumi Senyo Tachiiri Kinshi Trap Sheet with Bait 5pcs
Amount 5 sets
Country of Origin Japan


For those who feel hard to catch! Triple capture power!

Compared to our conventional products It depends on the usage environment.

  • With a special attracting food for rats who love rats

    It is a unique formulation that reproduces the smell of food that rats prefer.

  • Includes 5 sets for many
  • Freely deformed with folds
  • Water resistant type resistant to water

Capture mechanism

  • Attract: Rats are attracted by the special attraction food of the odor, which is a favorite food of rats.
  • Obsession: Even vigilant rats become addicted to food.
  • Capture: It is easily invited to the adhesive sheet by the favorite odor.

How to Use

  • Slowly open from side to side and stretch the crease so it is as flat as possible.
  • Take the bait out of the outer bag and place it in the center of the adhesive with the transparent part facing up while remaining in the clear inner bag.

< When installing along a wall or aisle >

  • Open the fold of the backing, then fold the folds in the vertical and horizontal directions to make a U-shape or tunnel shape.

[Points of mouse capture]

  • Rats have the habit of going through corners, so it is effective to place them near walls, under the kitchen sink, near drains, or behind refrigerators. It is also effective to install them in places where you can see rat dung, places where rat bites, and where you can see rats.
  • By installing many at once, the capture rate will be further improved. Install it so that it is tight on the path of the rat.
  • Rats are very alert and intelligent creatures. If you do not catch after 6 to 7 days, change the location and installation method of the adhesive sheet.
  • If the soles of the rats are wet with water or oil, their capturing power may be weak. Avoid using a place that is dirty with water or oil, or place them on newspapers.

Usage Notes

  • Please place it in a place out of direct sunlight.
  • Be careful not to touch children and pets.
  • When installing in a place where there is a risk of being polluted by a captive rat, spread a newspaper etc.
  • Do not touch the adhesive of this product. Should the adhesive get on your hands, hair, pets, clothes, floor, etc., carefully wipe it off with salad oil or tempura oil and wash it thoroughly with soap and detergent.
  • Please dispose of captured rats early as raw garbage.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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