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Earth Garden Neko Senyo Tachiiri Kinshi Cat Repellent Granules 1000g

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Granule type repellent. I will not collect cats for about two weeks just by rolling.

A granular type repellent containing zeolite-derived plant-derived ingredients that cats instinctively hate. The scent of herbs.

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    • Powerful granules 1000g
  • Powerful granules 1000g

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Neko Senyo Tachiiri Kinshi Cat Repellent Granules 1000g
Amount 1000g
Country of Origin Japan
component Zeolite, plant essential oil (citronella, eucalyptus, camphor) etc
Duration of effect About 2 weeks (depends on weather and temperature conditions)


[Tachiiri Kinshi Mechanism of refuge]

Using the habit of repeating the urine in the same place as the cat's excellent sense of smell, it is a mechanism to keep away from the unpleasant smell.

  • It is a repellent exclusively for cats that contains plant-derived components that cats dislike excessively.
  • Because it is granular, it is easy to use in the garden and so on, so it can be used in large areas with plenty of capacity.
  • We use soil-friendly zeolite.

[Plant-derived ingredients that cats dislike]

Citronella: a gramineous plant that smells like lemon

Eucalyptus: Mint family of plants with a scent of mint

How to Use

[How to use]

  • Remove the feces and smells left by cats.
    Remove and clean the urine and surrounding soil.
    ※ Sister product "only for cats before using this product Tachiiri Kinshi It is effective to deodorize with "Hun's Urine Deodorant".
  • Spray this product.
    Spray on the affected area of the urine, the entrance of the cat, the path, etc.
    ※ If the repellent component flows due to rainwater etc. and the effect is weakened, please spray again.
    ※ This product uses the "learning effect" that the cat does not want to approach a disgusting place. It is effective to use repeatedly.
  • Store this product.
    After use, tighten the cap tightly and store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

[Indication of use]

About 50 g is sprayed so that mounds can be made at intervals of about 1 m.

[Place of use] around garden, flower bed, parking lot
※ Because there is a possibility that the plant will wither, please use it after confirming the presence or absence of drug damage in a place that is not noticeable beforehand.

Usage Notes

  • Do not use for any purpose.
  • Do not use when you are not feeling well.
  • People who are rash are not used.
  • Do not place in places touched by children or pets.
  • Be careful not to cover cars, gates, shutters, other painted surfaces, marble, metals, plastics, etc., as they cause stains and discoloration. If the drug is applied, wash it off immediately.
  • The duration of the effect may vary depending on the weather and temperature conditions.
  • It may be less effective for cats that are sluggish to odors, cats that are hungry or estrus. In such a case, it is necessary to take measures other than evasion by odor.

【First aid】

  • If in eyes: Rinse thoroughly with running water without rubbing.
  • If you accidentally eat: rinse your mouth with water and drink water immediately.
  • If on skin: Wash thoroughly with soap.

※ Please bring the product if there is an abnormality in any case, and consult your doctor.

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