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Earth Garden Kyoryoku Dethmor Rat Killer 8pcs

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A powerful rodenticide in a convenient one-touch container that eats well and works well with the mouse's favorite formula.

A powerful rodenticide that completely eliminates unwanted rats. It mixes well with mouse-friendly sweeteners and is easy to eat, so it works well.

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Product variation

    • Powerful Deathmore 8 pieces
  • Powerful Deathmore 8 pieces

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Kyoryoku Dethmor Rat Killer 8pcs
Amount 30g x 8 trays
Country of Origin China
Active Ingredients Warfarin 0.05% (w/w)
component Denatonium benzoate, Red No. 213, flour, corn starch, other 2 ingredients
Effect / effect Extermination of rats
Duration of effect About 6 months


Rats like to eat well

The ingredients that the rat likes are incorporated into the drug, and the size and hardness of the rat are easy to eat.

Exterminate many rats

It contains active ingredients that exert effects after mice have been eating for several days. Because the rat that eats does not die immediately, it does not cause other rats to be completely alert and can control many rats.

How to Use

  • Remove the seal and leave the medicine in the container.
  • Place a proper amount (about 10 g to 30 g) of medicine per container in several places where mice often come out. The place where the medicine has run out from the next day is replenished and put for several days, and continue until you stop eating. Rats bring food to hiding places and have the habit of storing food.
  • The container contains 30 g of drug. If you have a lot of mice, putting more containers is more effective.

Usage Notes


  • If you accidentally eat it, immediately exhale, tell your doctor that this product is a preparation containing warfarin, and seek medical treatment.

[Other notes]

  • Please observe the prescribed usage and usage.
  • It is also harmful to people and pets, so please do not eat it accidentally.
  • Please be careful not to touch children and pets.
  • Install in the kitchen or other room before bedtime, and recover the remaining medicine the next morning.
  • If the drug gets in your hands, wash it thoroughly with soap.

【Notes on storage and handling】

  • Please keep them separate from food, dishes, feed etc.
  • Avoid moisture and keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use for human body

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