Basic stance of the counter that makes the most of customers' awareness

System of window department that makes use of customer's awareness

"Thank you for calling. This is the point of contact for Earth Corporation customers."
Today, our staff will be answering your calls in a bright and cheerful voice.

The point of contact for receiving customer feedback plays an important role in accurately conveying customer feedback to the relevant departments.
In order to quickly and carefully respond to each and every inquiry and request from our many customers, we have built Earth Corporation 's unique customer response system, the ``TACO System *''.

Pursuing customer satisfaction (CS) every day, we respond promptly, fairly, and sincerely to inquiries and complaints from our customers.
We are waiting for your call (opinion).

* Abbreviation of Tactical Antenna for Consumers' Opinions, which means that the antennae-like antennae function accumulates customer feedback and uses it in product strategies.

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