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サラテクト ミスト 60mL

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Product variation

    • Fresh mist 60 mL
  • Fresh mist 60 mL

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name サラテクト ミスト 60mL
Amount 60 mL
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients 1本(60mL)中ディート6g(原液換算10%)
component DPG、ヒアルロン酸Na(2)、加水分解コラーゲン末、ステアロイルフィトスフィンゴシン(セラミド)、アスコルビン酸(ビタミンC)、クエン酸、クエン酸Na、エタノール、精製水、香料、その他5成分
Effect / effect Mosquito, Buyu (Buyo), Abu, flea, house dust mite, tick, reed fly, bedbug (bed bug), Yamaville's repellent


朝使って夜まで 1日しっかりガード

  • 独自の虫よけロングキープ処方
  • お肌にやさしい4種のうるおい成分配合(ヒアルロン酸Na、コラーゲン、セラミド、ビタミンC)&ウォーターイン
  • 外出先の持ち運びに便利な、コンパクトサイズ
  • Skin allergy tested

    (It does not mean that all people will not have allergies.)





How to Use

< When used for repellents of mosquitoes (Buyu), Abus, fleas, house dust mites, ticks, sand flies, bedbugs (bed bug) >

Spray on the exposed part of the skin, such as arms and feet, from a distance of about 15 cm, and spray on the palm of your face and neck, and then touch the skin.

< When we use for evasion of Yamabiru >

Spray on the exposed parts of the skin such as arms and feet, footwear and clothing from a distance of about 15 cm, and spray on the palm of your hand on the face and neck, and then touch the skin.

[Indication of use by age]

age Usage count
12 years old or older No limit on usage (use as appropriate)
2 years old and under 12 years old 1 to 3 times a day
More than 6 months and under 2 years old Once a day
Less than 6 months Do not use

When using it for children (under 12 years old), please use the above number as a guide under the supervision of parents. In addition, please do not use for the face.

Usage Notes


  • Avoid getting it in your eyes, drinking, licking or inhaling, and do not rub your eyes with the applied hands. Should it get in your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water or lukewarm water. If you experience any symptoms such as illness, immediately Ethanol and DEET and seek medical attention.

[Other notes]

  • 定められた用法・用量を守ること。漫然とした使用を避け、蚊、ブユ(ブヨ)等が多い戸外での使用等、必要な場合にのみ使用すること。
  • Do not spray around eyes, mucous membranes, or wounds.
  • Do not put it on plastic products such as wristwatches or polyurethane-blended clothing such as stockings, as there is a risk of discoloration. Do not apply nail polishes, gel nails, etc. directly to the decorated nails.
  • Discontinue use if skin irritation or other abnormalities occur.
  • ヤマビルの忌避を目的として使用する場合、吸血を防ぐには、履物や衣類等で肌を露出しないようにすることが重要である。本品だけに頼り、安易に露出面を増やすことは避けること。また、スプレーした直後の履物や衣類に火気を近づけないこと。

【Notes on storage and handling】

  • After use, close the cap.
  • Store in a cool place out of the reach of children, avoiding direct sunlight and fire.

【Method of disposal】

  • Discard this product after using it up.

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