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Raku Hapi Cleaning & Disinfecting Tablet for Coffee Makers & Ice Makers

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Accumulation of water supply routes that can not be reached Easily clean and disinfect dirt and bacteria!


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Product variation

    • 3 tablets x 4 packets
  • 3 tablets x 4 packets

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Raku Hapi Cleaning & Disinfecting Tablet for Coffee Makers & Ice Makers
Amount 48g (4g x 3 tablets x 4 packets)
Country of Origin Japan
component Citric acid (80%), effervescent agent (carbonate), disinfectant (cetyl pyridinium chloride), green tea extract, food pigment (blue 1)
Others [Product name] Cleaner for coffee makers and ice makers [Liquid] Slightly acidic


  • Water does not fall alone, white accumulation of hard to wash stains, water stains and bacteria Clean and disinfect! ※
  • Works well for black mold that you care about in the refrigerator ice machine! ※
  • No weighing required! Just put in one package.
  • It is safe because it is made only with ingredients used in food ingredients and toothpastes. No chlorine use.
  • Meltable effervescent tablet type.

※ It does not mean that all the bacteria and molds are removed.

How to Use

While cleaning and disinfecting, please stick the "washing and disinfecting" sticker on the visible position so that there is no accidental ingestion or misphagia.

【Cleaning method of coffee maker】

  • For those with water purification function, please remove the water purification function parts (such as activated carbon cartridge) in advance.
  • In the case of a coffee maker or espresso machine that extracts one cup at a time, such as a capsule type, please use it after checking the method of "Bowl cleaning" in your instruction manual.


Put 1500 mL of water into the water tank, and then add 1 package (3 tablets) of this drug. ※ 1

2 After leaving for about 15 minutes, check that the tablets are completely dissolved, and transfer the washing solution to the server according to the procedure for preparing coffee.
Apply the "Washing and disinfecting" sticker.

3 If all the cleaning solution is transferred to the server, discard the cleaning solution.


(4) Rinse the water tank and prepare a cup of coffee in the pipe. If the water tank is full and you go twice, rinse is complete.

Finally, wash away something that can be removed, such as a server.

【Method of cleaning and disinfecting ice making machine】

  • Discard all water and ice in the ice maker in advance and remove the filter.
  • Please do not eat or use the ice in the water.


Put 1500 mL of water into the water tank, and then add 1 package (3 tablets) of this drug. ※ 1

2 After leaving for about 15 minutes, make sure that the tablets are completely dissolved, set the water tank in the refrigerator, and make ice.
Put a "Washing and disinfecting" sticker on the refrigerator where it can be seen.

3 Discard the blue ice when the water tank is almost gone.


4 Wash the water tank thoroughly with water, add 500 mL of fresh water and ice-freeze.

5 When the water in the water tank is almost gone, rinse is complete. Discard the ice you made.

6 Finally wash the removable ice tray and so on. ※ 2

※ 1 If the water tank capacity is less than 500 mL, dissolve it using another container and add the washing solution only for the volume.

※ 2 There is no harm to the body when the pigment adheres to the parts in the water tank, but if you are anxious, remove and wash with a sponge etc.

[Indication of usage]
Three tablets (one package) in 500 mL of water

[Indication of frequency of use]
Once a month or two

Instruction Video(Japanese Only)

Usage Notes

Keep the product label so that you can read it as needed.

  • Use only for the intended purpose.
  • Do not use for commercial refrigerators.
  • Use cooking gloves when using.
  • Use immediately after opening.
  • Do not use other cleaning agents, bleach etc. in combination.
  • When used with chlorinated products, harmful chlorine gas may be emitted.
  • Do not pour water over the water line.
  • Store in a cool place out of the reach of children, avoiding direct sunlight and fire.
  • After washing, if stains do not fall off at one time, or if hot water does not come out well, wash repeatedly.
  • Depending on the type of heat and discoloration, it may not fall off.

【First aid】

  • If it gets on the skin, wash it out with water.
  • Immediately flush eyes with clean water for at least 15 minutes.
  • If swallowed, do not excuse yourself and drink 1-2 glasses of water or milk.
  • In any case, if there is an abnormality, consult a doctor.

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