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Mondahmin Mouthwash NEXT Gum Care 1080 mL

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Prevents inflammation caused by periodontal disease from the inside of the gums. Liquid toothpaste containing plant-derived ingredients.

Prevents periodontal disease with a unique anti-inflammatory prescription. A plant-derived medicinal component works on the gum cells to prevent inflammation caused by periodontal disease from the inside of the gums. It is a combination of 3 types of plant extract (humectant) that affects gums.

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Product variation

    • NEXT Gum care 1080mL
  • NEXT Gum care 1080mL

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Mondahmin Mouthwash NEXT Gum Care 1080 mL
Amount 1080 mL
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Tranexamic acid, Hinokitiol, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate(GK₂)
component Wetting agent: concentrated glycerin, horsetail extract, hawthorn extract, hamamelis extract Solvent: ethanol, BG Flavoring agent: fragrance (botanical herb mint type), xylit, sucralose Solubilizing agent: POE hydrogenated castor oil pH adjuster: dihydrogen phosphate Na , Sodium phosphate monobasic stabilizer: EDTA-2Na
Effect / effect Prevention of periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis). Prevent bleeding. Prevent cavities. Whiten teeth. Prevention of bad breath. Cleanse the mouth. Refreshes your mouth.
Others Alcohol blend


Plant-based medicinal ingredients prevent periodontal inflammation from the inside of the gums

  • Plant-derived medicinal components (GK₂, hinokitiol) act on gum cells to prevent the periodontal disease from inside
  • Hinokitiol penetrates and sterilizes deep into the nest of periodontal bacteria
  • GK₂: Licorice-derived component/hinokitiol: Hiba tree-derived component

Contains 3 types of plant extracts that affect gums (wetting agent)

  • Horsetail extract
  • Hawthorn extract
  • Hamamelis Extract

Amino acid bleeding preventive ingredient tranexamic acid prevents bleeding from gums.

No synthetic fragrance.

Paraben free.

Botanical herb mint flavor blended with natural essential oils.

How to Use

  • Put an appropriate amount of 10 to 20 mL in the mouth, rinse for about 20 seconds, and then spit and brush.
    The cap half line is about 20 mL.
  • After use, it is not necessary to rinse your mouth with water, but if it bothers you, please lightly rinse.

Usage Notes

If you use the film after peeling it off, keep the film until it is used.

  • Do not drink as it is not an oral solution.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, please keep out of reach of children.
  • Discontinue use and consult a physician if symptoms such as mouth problems, rashes, or itching appear.
  • The liquid may be slightly brownish because it contains plant-derived ingredients, but there is no problem with the quality.

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