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Gokiburi Hoi Hoi (Cockroach Trap)

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The definitive version of the cockroach catcher. Catch cockroaches firmly with bumpy adhesive sheet.

The attraction capture power is up. It is a powerful attractant that reproduces raw materials such as beef, shrimp and vegetables as it is, and it also captures the cockroaches that lurk quickly.

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Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Gokiburi Hoi Hoi (Cockroach Trap)
Amount 5 sets
Country of Origin Japan
Effect / effect Cockroach capture
Duration of effect About 1 month after peeling off the paper

Type of Pests

Cockroach capture


Gun attracts by strong attractant

Beef, shrimp, vegetables, etc., a strong attractant that reproduces the material of the kitchen as it is. Cockroaches come and go.

Footprint mat removes oil and moisture

Absorbs oil and moisture that weakens adhesion and absorbs moisture firmly.

Strong and sticky adhesive sheet

An adhesive sheet that contains cockroaches and legs. I can not move as much as it is. Bettori Beto.

Two-step height adjustment mechanism with vertical alignment OK

Even in a narrow place, any place can be chosen.

With dumping knob

Durability house

It's also possible to set it up in a wet place.

How to Use

  • Assemble the catcher and place it in a place where the cockroaches are easy to go, well pass.

【How to assemble】

  • Please make sure that it contains "Foot Mat" and "Atractant".
  • Please put the foot mat on the pasting position of the house surface.
  • Please remove the paper in the house. (Be sure to go to Method 2 first)
  • Remove the attractant from the bag and leave the bag in the center of the adhesive with the clear side up.
  • Insert the roof is the completion of the house. (When placing the vertical, folding the window inwards makes it easy for cockroaches to enter)


  • Surroundings such as sink, gas stand, refrigerator, cupboard, corner of kitchen.
  • Storage, bathroom, washroom, etc.

【Knowledge of effective installation】

  • Attach it to the shade or wall.
  • Put them in several places at once and capture them at once.
  • When installing, clean up any food or water that may eat cockroaches.
  • If you can not catch cockroaches, please change the place.
  • It is effective for about one month after peeling off the paper.

Usage Notes

  • Please be careful not to touch children and pets.
  • Although both a strong attractant and an adhesive do not contain insecticidal ingredients, please be careful not to eat them accidentally.
  • Do not touch the adhesive of this product. If the adhesive gets on your hands, hair, pets, clothes, floors, etc., wipe it with salad oil or tempura oil and wash it thoroughly with soap or detergent.
  • When disposing of it, treat it as burning waste as it is.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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