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Earth Garden Inu Neko Tachiiri Kinshi Cat & Dog Waste Deodorizer 1000ml

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Liquid type deodorizer. It is a naturally derived ingredient and strongly deodorizes dog's and cat's feces urinary odor.

It deodorizes powerfully the urinary odor that dogs and cats put on to indicate nawabari. The ingredients are of natural origin and do not damage soil or plants. Because it is a shower type, it can be spread easily.

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Product variation

    • Hung urine deodorant 1000ml
  • Hung urine deodorant 1000ml

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Inu Neko Tachiiri Kinshi Cat & Dog Waste Deodorizer 1000ml
Amount 1000 ml
Country of Origin Japan
component Natural wood vinegar, plant extract (pine)
Duration of effect Although the deodorizing effect can not be expected to last, the odor once removed does not occur again.


  • It deodorizes powerfully urinary odor of dogs and cats that can not be taken easily.
  • We use soil-friendly natural ingredients.
  • You can use it in various places such as the lawn (note 1) and the entrance.
  • Because it is a shower type, it can be spread easily.

Toilet habits of dogs and cats

Dogs insist on sagging by the act of putting urine (marking). Other dogs mark one after another on the marking mark. Cats decide their locations, such as their feeding grounds, toilets, and naps in daily life, and act on a fixed route. Based on their own odor, repeat urine in the same place repeatedly.

How to Use

[How to use]

  • If there is any urine, remove it beforehand.
  • Spray evenly to the affected area.

※ It is effective to apply concentrated solution to places where the damage is severe.
※ To prevent damage to urine urine, sister products "dogs and cats Tachiiri Kinshi"And" only for cats Tachiiri Kinshi We recommend using a series of repellents.

[Place of use]

Road, parking lot, garden, around the house, etc
※ As it may discolor when we get on plant, please try after using in inconspicuous place.

Usage Notes

This product is for outdoor use only. Please do not use it indoors.


  • Do not use for any purpose.
  • Do not use when you are not feeling well.
  • People who are rash are not used.
  • Do not place in places touched by children or pets.
  • When used on concrete, walls or fences, it may cause discoloration or stains in rare cases, so try it out before using it in an unobtrusive place.
  • Be careful not to cover cars, gates, shutters, other painted surfaces, marble, metals, plastics, etc. as it may cause discoloration or stains. If the drug is applied, wash it off immediately.

※ Because this product is a natural ingredient, discoloration and slight precipitation may occur, but there is no problem with quality and effect.

【First aid】

  • If in eyes: Rinse thoroughly with running water without rubbing.
  • Accidental drinking: Rinse mouth with water and drink water immediately.
  • If on skin: Wash thoroughly with soap.

※ Please bring the product if there is an abnormality in any case, and consult your doctor.

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