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Earth Garden Hyper Oniwa no Mushi Korori Garden Insect Killer Bait with Container 4pcs

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Collect various pests and get rid of them. Container type safe for children and pets.

A container-type poisonous bait that can easily extinguish unpleasant pests in your garden simply by placing them. Because the medicine is contained in the container, it is resistant to rain and safe for families with children and pets.

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Product variation

    • Hyper Oniwa no Mushi Korori Container type 4 pieces
  • Hyper Oniwa no Mushi Korori Container type 4 pieces

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Earth Garden Hyper Oniwa no Mushi Korori Garden Insect Killer Bait with Container 4pcs
Amount 1 set (4 pieces)
Country of Origin Japan
Active Ingredients Metaldehyde, Dinotefuran
Effect / effect Elimination of slugs, snails, snails, lice beetles, centipedes, ants and dumplings
Duration of effect About 1 month

Type of Pests

Slugs, snails, green gums, lice beetles, centipedes, ants, dumplings


Long waited killing

Container type that resists rain and water!

Contains attractive ingredients favored by various pests

Good bite and softness

360 ° from anywhere

Slope shape with guideway where pests easily enter

Child's finger entry prevention design

1 month effect

  • Just put it in a place where you do not want to take the medicine, you can realize the effect from the day after it was installed.
  • Poison bait in the container absorbs moisture and becomes liquid (melted bait bait), and exhibits high eating quality.
  • Because it is a container type, it can be used safely at home with children and pets.
  • How to Use

    [Place of use]

    Veranda, wood deck, front door, garden, around the house

    【how to use】

    • Please break it one by one.
    • Place the product horizontally on the ground in places where you can see slugs, dung gum beetles, centipedes, etc. in gardens, around houses, on verandas, etc.
    • Standard of use: 1 per 4 m2.
      ※ If you want to exterminate centipede in particular, please install 1 per 2m along the wall etc.
    • It is more effective to put a lot at one time.
    • After installation, it is effective for about 1 month. (It varies according to use environment.)

    Usage Notes

    • Always read and understand the product label before use.
    • Please follow the prescribed usage.
    • Use immediately after opening, please use up.
    • Because it is not a pesticide, please do not use it for the purpose of plant protection.
    • Because the medicine is contained in the container, please use it as it is without removing the contents from the container.
    • Do not tilt the container, and install it so that it is horizontal to the ground.
    • Be careful not to let children and pets use medicine.
    • This product is not food. If you accidentally eat this product immediately Metaldehyde When Dinotefuran Tell the doctor that it is a product that contains
    • If a pet accidentally eats, consult a veterinarian immediately.
    • When collecting after installation, please be aware that the contents may leak out.
    • If it gets on your skin, wash it with soap immediately, rinse it in your eyes immediately if it gets in your eyes, and if you feel abnormal, please seek medical attention immediately.
    • Please avoid the place where the water is collected for a long time.
    • This product should not be used by children, etc., and should be discarded as plastic waste according to the regulations of each local government without being diverted to others.
    • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, and distinguish them from food, dishes and feeds, etc., and store them in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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