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Aller Block Germs & Viruses Removal Spray Clear Jet

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Directly remove viruses and bacteria to remove roots! Ultra quick dry spray that can be widely used for door knobs and cloth products.

Concentrated measures where you are interested. Removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria by jet. Deodorizes strong odor even after vomiting. Super quick drying type. (Not all viruses and bacteria are removed.)

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Product variation

    • Concentrated rooting virus/bacteria clear jet
  • Concentrated rooting virus/bacteria clear jet

Product Details & Features

Product Details

Product Name Aller Block Germs & Viruses Removal Spray Clear Jet
Amount 250 mL
Country of Origin Japan
component Ethanol, isopropylmethylphenol (IPMP), house dust removal component, deodorant component
Others [Product name] Virus/bacteria removal agent [Application] Removal of viruses/bacteria for rooms


Directly hit the area of concern to remove 99.99% of viruses and germs (*)

●Active ingredient IPMP (isopropylmethylphenol): Disinfects by penetrating deep into the dirt that remains even after wiping vomiting (*)
●House dust removal component: Suppression of house dust that virus adheres to

* Not all viruses and bacteria are removed.

Strong deodorant even after unpleasant odor

Ultra quick drying, no need to wipe


How to Use

  • Break the claws.
  • Spray it to the point of interest.

Use place Usage guide
Place of vomiting, garbage/trash can, cloth products (carpet, child seat/stroller, cloth, etc.), table, sink/drain, washbasin/toilet, doorknob/handrail Spray 50 to 50 cm range from 30 cm away for 2-3 seconds. No need to wipe after spraying.
Cutting board
Spray from a distance of 30 cm into a 50 x 50 cm range for 2-3 seconds. Wash dishes with detergent etc. before using.

In the vomiting area, remove the solid matter to some extent before spraying.

[Cannot be used]

  • Copper and iron products, white wood and rattan furniture, lacquerware, paint department of wax, varnish and paint, acrylic and polystyrene plastic, food

Usage Notes

  • Be sure to adhere to the usage.
  • Do not use it for the human body.
  • People who are prone to allergies or rashes should not touch or inhale medication.
  • Make sure there is no fire (gas stove, water heater, stove, fan heater, etc.) before using.

    * If used near a gas alarm, the alarm may malfunction.

【First aid】

  • If swallowed, vomit and get medical attention immediately.
  • If it gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and if it adheres to your face or skin, rinse thoroughly with soap, and if it is abnormal, consult a physician.
  • If you feel sick while using, stop using immediately and rest in a well-ventilated place. If you do not feel well, consult a physician.

【Notes on storage and handling】

  • Store in a cool place out of the reach of children, avoiding direct sunlight and fire.
  • Do not put the product in a wet or humid place, as it may rust and burst.

【Method of disposal】

  • Discard after using up.
  • When discarding, pull the injection lever outdoors with good ventilation and no fire, release the gas until the injection noise disappears, and dispose according to the method specified by each local government. At that time, if the toothpick or the like is inserted into the hole on the side surface of the white spray cap while the injection lever is pulled, the injection lever is locked and the gas can be exhausted to the end. If the injection is insufficient, push down the toothpick and the like to complete the injection. Be careful not to get it on your face.
  • 大量に使い残した缶の廃棄方法はお手数ですがアース製薬お客様からお気づきを頂く窓口にお問い合わせください。

[Beware of fire and high temperature]

As it is a flammable product using high pressure gas and dangerous, keep the following precautions.

  • Do not use near fire or fire.
  • Do not use it in a large amount in a room that uses fire.
  • Do not place in places exposed to direct sunlight or near stoves or fan heaters where the temperature may reach 40 ° C or higher, as there is a risk of explosion if the temperature rises.
  • Do not put in the fire.
  • Use up and throw it away.

High pressure gas: DME

No fires

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